Campus Events

Encouraging professional and personal growth

Student-Centered Programs and Events

Kishwaukee College aims to have student-centered programs and events to encourage your involvement and opportunities for you to grow professionally and personally.  Kish meets these goals by hosting a wide range of events and programs throughout the year.

View a list of current campus events.  Below is a list of annual College events.

Kougar Kick Off

This event offers the opportunities to learn about all their resources on campus and how to connect with the right offices to ensure they are successful:

When: First week of school
Location:  In the quad by the Student Center or if inclement weather inside the Student Center.
Sponsor: Kougar Kick-Off Committee

Kishwaukee College Activities Fair

Students can learn about getting involved with a club or organization on campus.

When: Activities Fairs are held at least once a year usually the third week of the fall semester and at times the third week of the spring semester.
Where: Event is held in the Library Atrium or other location
Sponsor: Office of Student Activities

Career Fair

Twice a year Career Center offers students the opportunity to search for employment within the community.

When: Once in the fall and once in the spring
Where: Locations vary please contact Career Center for up to date information
Sponsor: Career Center

Kishwaukee College Fair

College, university, & military representatives are on hand to talk with prospective students about admissions, programs, and opportunities. The evening includes financial aid presentations and several special session on specific programs available at Kishwaukee College.

When: First Wednesday in November
Where: Gymnasium
Sponsor: Student Outreach and Orientation

Volunteer Fair

Students can learn about volunteer opportunities within the community and on campus.

When: Fourth week of the fall and spring semester
Where: Library Atrium
Sponsor: Office of Student Activities

Student Awards Recognition Ceremony

This is an event where faculty and staff takes time to recognize and celebrate the hard work of Kishwaukee College students, family and friends are encouraged to come and help celebrate student’s hard work. 

When: First Tuesday in April
Where: Jenkins Auditorium
Sponsor: Student Awards Recognition Committee

Kish Bash

This is an event at the end of the school year for students to relax and have fun.

When: Last week in April/First Friday in May
Where: Student Center
Sponsor: Student Activities