Dora Navejas

A mother of five, Dora is the last of four younger sister's to graduate with a Nursing degree

Meet Dora Navejas

Dora Navejas followed in her sister’s footsteps all the way through Kishwaukee College and became a nurse. A fairly typical story, except that her sisters are her younger siblings and the footsteps began in corn and soybean fields where her family made their living as migrant workers. Dora finished high school and then married, had five children and worked a series of menial jobs.  Meanwhile three of her younger sisters graduated from Kishwaukee College and became nurses. They were educated, had fulfilling jobs, and their lives were better. Dora decided to go to Kishwaukee College.

Dora gets it.

Returning to school as a parent with responsibilities was a challenge. Her marriage ended. She was financially strapped and moved with her children back home to live with her parents.  It took Dora four years to complete the prerequisites and the nursing program requirements.  But she did it.

When I was down and wondering if I should do this, if I could do this. My youngest daughter told me 'Mom, I am so proud of you.  When you graduate, I will be the loudest one cheering.'

Dora realized that her success was so much more than just her success. “My older children were already working when I went back to school. But my younger kids – still in grade school – started talking about WHEN they would go to college. Not “if” they would go, but “when” and what they would study, what they wanted to be,” she said.  “Then I knew this was something that was not just about me, but about them, too. Me going to school changed my kids, too.”

Like many first generation college students, Dora discovered just how powerful an education can be. It changed her life, it changed her children’s lives, and it will continue to change the lives of every patient she works with far into the future.

Get ready. Get Kish.