Academic Transfer Classes at DeKalb High School

CLASSES are being offered this year.

Course Number Course Name Prerequisite for Course
COM 100 Oral Communications Students must be a sophomore, junior or senior level students
HOR 101 Intro to Horticultural Related Careers No prerequisite is required.
HOR 105 Botany for Horticulture No prerequisite is required.
PLS 140 Government B or better in Humanities English 3 and US History (1st semester)



Each student is responsible for obtaining his/her own textbooks. Books are available from our Kishwaukee College Bookstore as well as online sites such as Amazon and Please consider buying used textbooks.

PLS-140 (Government): We the People by Patterson, 11th Edition; ISBN: 978-0-07-337906-7
HOR 101 (Introduction to Horticultural Related Careers) No textbook required
HOR 105 ( Botany for Horticulture) 3 required texts:

          Stern, Kinsley R.(11th Edition).Introductory Plant Biology., New York: McGraw Hill 2003

          Stern, Kinsley R.(11th Edition).Introductory Plant Biology Lab, New York: McGraw Hill, 2003

          Alde, HOR 105 Lecture/lab manual

COM 100 (Oral Communication): COMM 3 by Verderber, ISBN: 9781285445588