Industry Certifications

Kishwaukee Courses to Industry Certification

The following Kishwaukee College class will prepare you for a corresponding industry certification.

Certified Internet Web Professional

CIS 115 Internet Fundamentals - CIW Internet Business Foundations Certification Exam
CIS 118 of Web Site development - CIW Site Development Association Certificate Exam
CIS 140 Networking Fundamentals - CIW Network Technology Associate Certification Exam
Take the 3 courses and take the CIW Web Foundations Associate Certification Exam

CISCO CCNA Certification

Cisco Certified Network Associate, take these 4 classes:
CIS 145 Cisco Networking I,
CIS 146 Cisco Networking II,
CIS 147 Cisco Networking III and
CIS 148 Cisco Networking IV


CIS 140 Networking Fundamentals - CompTIA Net+ Certification
CIS 142 PC Repair and Configuration – Prepare for CompTIA A+ Essentials Certification
CIS 170 Introduction to UNIX and CIS 270 Fundamentals of Linux Administration - CompTIA Linux+ Certification
CIS 283 Network Security+ - CompTIA Security+ Certification

Microsoft Certification Exams

CIS 182 Windows Server Fundamentals I- Microsoft Exam 70-640
CIS 184 Windows Professional Configuration - Microsoft Exam 70-680
CIS 282 Windows Server II Networking - Microsoft Exam 70-642