Student Success

Tips for Success at Kishwaukee College

Make the decision to be the BEST Kish Student you can be! It is all up to you to make sure you do what needs to be done to achieve your goals.

1. Go to Class

Seriously: go to class. You can’t study information you don’t have. You can’t do assignments you don’t get. You can’t understand material you don’t hear.

2. Keep Your Syllabus

Every class has a syllabus and it’s like a map to success. A syllabus is the contract between you and the instructor. A syllabus will often tell you what is expected, when assignments are due, when exams are scheduled, and how to contact your instructor. This information could also be provided in the Desire to Learn (D2L).

3. Get Organized

In high school, the teachers will lead you through all the homework and due dates. In college, the instructors post the assignments -- often for the entire semester -- and expect you to be prepared and turn them in by the due dates. Buy an organizer, an assignment notebook, a big wall calendar -- whatever it takes for you to know when assignments are due.

4. Arrive on Time and Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Arriving late is seen as disrespectful. Make sure you know when the class starts and arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the course. You also risk losing critical information that may pertain to homework or tests if you are late. 

5. Meet and Communicate with your Instructors

Make it a priority to use your professor’s office hours. Office hours are created especially for students. Appointments are not necessary during this time and students are encouraged to drop in. This is the best time to build a relationship, ask questions, or get help from your instructor. In the long run seeing your instructor can pay off because instructors learn very fast which students care about the class and are serious about their education. If the instructor gets to know you, there is also an opportunity for them to provide you with a letter of recommendation or reference letter.

6.  Take Advantage of the Study Resources on Campus

Make sure you visit the Tutoring Center in A1300, where the Writing Lab, tutors, and other academic tools are available. Use them!!  Another idea: form study groups, connect with peers in your class, or talk to the instructor. 

7. Find a Good Study Spot on Campus

The Library offers study carrels and tables on the first and second floor; nearby lounges with tables are available across campus; the cafeteria is a great place that can be quiet in the morning or mid to late afternoon. In nice weather, go outside to the courtyard or to the patio areas. Take time to explore campus-you may find your own special place.

8. Make Time for You

Be sure you set aside some time and activities that help you relax and take the stress out of your day or week. Whether it’s enlisting yoga techniques, watching your favorite television shows, or writing in a journal, be good to yourself. 

9. Get to know your academic advisor/counselor

This is the person who will help you with adding or dropping courses, scheduling of classes, and deciding your career pathway. He/she will also help with career planning, transfer advising, and personal counseling. This person is a key resource for you -- and should be the person you turn to with any academic issues or conflicts.

10. Get involved! 

A big problem for a lot of new students is a combination of being so close to home and a feeling of not connecting to the college experience. Consider joining a student group, such as organizations, clubs, intramurals, or athletics. You'll make new friends, learn new skills, and feel more connected to the Kishwaukee College campus.