September 22, 2015

Theatre announces fall play cast

Nadine Franklin, Kishwaukee College theatre faculty, has announced the cast for the Fall 2015 production of God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza. Show dates are Wednesday through Saturday, November 11 - 14 in the Kishwaukee College Theater with a curtain time of 7:30 p.m. The play will be directed by Nadine Franklin.

The cast is: Bryan Fowler, Genoa; Ci Ci Spikener, DeKalb; Daniel Engstrom, DeKalb; and Emma Franklin, DeKalb. Understudies are Jimmeraz Johnson, DeKalb, and Miranda Hill, DeKalb.

God of Carnage is the story of two couples, the parents of pre-teen boys who have had a physical confrontation in a park in contemporary New York. The parents come together for an afternoon meeting to discuss, as responsible adults, the behavior of their respective children. What ensues is a civilized discussion that rapidly progresses into a playground-worthy confrontation of its own, with name-calling, finger-pointing, and physical altercation. The play is fast-paced and filled with acerbic wit and smart dialogue. Yasmina Reza is a French playwright, author, screenwriter and actress whose works tend toward satiric examinations of the middle class. God of Carnage won the Tony Award for Best Play in 2009, as well as London’s Olivier Award for Best New Comedy.

For more information on the Kishwaukee College production of God of Carnage, contact Nadine Franklin at 815-825-2086, ext. 2720 or at