September 8, 2016

September Letter from Dr. Borowicz: Student Learning and Quality Experience

The fall semester has started at the College, and once again we begin our important work of helping individuals achieve their educational goals. We are pleased with our enrollment numbers, with nearly 4,000 students choosing to attend Kishwaukee College this fall. Enrollments are critical - not only do they help our fiscal position, they also signal that we are helping meet education and workforce needs in our region.

Funding challenges are at the forefront of many discussions on higher education, and this is especially true in Illinois for the past year and a half. The scarcity of resources has caused us to consider priorities and how we best serve our communities. We can no longer afford to do things "the way we've always done it." Current funding and past enrollment challenges are forcing Kish to change, and change is hard. But it also provides an opportunity for us to be creative and imaginative, and be clear in our mission. Our college priorities and program offerings must be focused on student learning - what and how our students learn, and understanding that everyone at the College has a role in supporting the learning experience. What happens in our classrooms, student organizations, enrollment and counseling services, how we maintain our facilities, and how we work with our external partners is all focused on enhancing the student experience. As an institution, we have the ability to become what we want and need to be for our students and stakeholders.

Building on our vision, faculty and staff are setting department goals related to enrollment, private-public partnerships, and continuous quality improvement. We are moving together as a college to support our students and ensure they have a quality experience at the College.

A fellow educational leader recently commented in a public forum that I was "thrown into the deep end" when I first arrived at Kish. The good news is that I know how to swim, and have been fortunate to work and live in an area extremely supportive of their community college. We will use the challenges as opportunities, and continue to serve those attending Kishwaukee College as part of their higher education learning journey. I am honored and proud to be leading Kishwaukee College during this time of challenge and transformation.

Dr. Laurie Borowicz
Kishwaukee College