November 28, 2016

November Letter from Dr. Borowicz: College Partnerships Help to Prepare Youth for their Future

Kishwaukee College Partnerships Help to Prepare Youth for their Future

Recent reports show that nearly 90 percent of millennials who graduate from high school attend college within eight years.  The college experience has become the norm for younger Americans, and Kishwaukee College is proud of its partnerships with area high schools to help students be college ready.  This fall, 515 students from area high schools are enrolled in the dual credit program, with students taking college classes in high school and earning both high school and Kish College credit. Dual credit is an excellent opportunity for high school students to earn college credit at a significantly reduced cost, experience the rigor of college coursework, and explore college majors and career opportunities.

As the cost burden of higher education continues to shift to students due to less state funds, it becomes even more important that we partner with our area high schools to help young people explore programs, majors, and career opportunities before entering college. Many students begin college not quite sure what they want their major or future career to be.  Students without a declared major drop out of college at a higher rate, struggling with the time and money commitments of college and not having a clear direction.

A significant problem for students leaving college without a degree is student debt. Recent sources cite that student loan debt in this country is now over $1.3 trillion. In 2012, approximately 60 percent of college students took out loans, and those that most often default on student loans are those that leave college without a degree. A small number of college graduates default on their loans, but many more default if they attended college and did not graduate.

Kishwaukee College is working to help students discover their passion and the educational program or major that will help them meet their career aspirations by strengthening our high school partnerships and College counseling services. In the end, we all seek the same outcome for our students - to be successful and financially healthy members of our local workforce and communities. 

I am honored and proud to be leading Kishwaukee College.  Follow me on my blog at to learn more about the great things happening at Kishwaukee College. 

Dr. Laurie Borowicz
President, Kishwaukee College