June 12, 2017

Kish welcomes newest EMSA class

Kishwaukee College welcomed the newest members of the EMSA Program to campus on Monday, June 12. The students, who will all begin their senior year at their respective high schools in the fall, were welcomed by instructors Alan Edgecombe, Physics/Engineering; Nicole Criswell, Mathematics; and Dominica Blalock, Mathematics.

EMSA is a program for talented high school students during their senior year to jumpstart their college careers by taking the math and science classes that are the foundation of a wide variety of majors. Students choose one of two tracks in the program: Track One prepares the students for engineering, computer science or physics majors and Track Two prepares students for pre-professional majors, for example, pre-med, pre-veterinary, or pharmacy.

The EMSA program begins with Math 229 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I in the summer before the students enter their senior year in high school. Students then take further calculus and either college-level Physics and/or Chemistry classes from 7:30–10:00a.m. during the fall and spring semesters. After their EMSA classes each day, students return to their high schools to continue their regular academic and extra-curricular schedules.  On completion of the EMSA Program, students will have earned 23–26 transferable college credit hours.

Joining the EMSA program this summer are, from Byron High School: Rachael Bell; from DeKalb High School: Matthew Angel, Isabella Bettner, Kyle Hess, Kyra Jencks, and Katrina Lemieux; from Genoa-Kingston High School: Kelley Creadon, Jayna Masters, and Lauren Walker; from Indian Creek High School: Devin Probst and Olivia Turner; from Oregon High School: Jaspreet Gill, Jared Pottorf, Kyla Suter, Valeria Viteri-Pflucker, Jordan Wilkins and Nicholas Zalzalah; and from Sycamore High School: Jake Carani, Elizabeth Swedberg, and Allyson Versluys.

To learn more about the EMSA Program, visit www.kishwaukeecollege.edu/emsa. For information on the 2018–19 EMSA Program, contact Kathy Mershon at 815-825-9307 or  kathy.mershon@kishwaukeecollege.edu