September 29, 2017

Horticulture offering new Hydroponics class

Kishwaukee College is offering a new Horticulture class in Hydroponics that will begin in October. HOR 201 – Hydroponics will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, October 17 – December 15. Students can earn 1.5 credit hours and the instructor is Rich Alde.

Hydroponics is an agricultural system that uses nutrient-rich water instead of soil, usually in specially designed greenhouse environments. Because the process does not require natural precipitation or fertile land, it offers an efficient use of technology to grow crops. In some estimates, using Hydroponics utilizes 90% less space and 80% less water as the nutrient-rich water is usually re-used. Locally, there are two companies using Hydroponic agricultural methods, BrightFarms and Mighty Vine, both located in Rochelle.

The HOR 201 Hydroponics class will cover hydroponic systems and the respective set-ups for each system; nutrient solution preparation; various hydroponic techniques; plant culture and diseases possible in hydroponic agriculture; harvesting options; and an exploration of both commercial and home hydroponic systems.

For more information on the HOR 201 Hydroponics class, contact instructor Rich Alde at  or at 815-234-8449.

Registration for classes that begin in the second half of the fall semester (October 16), is currently in progress at Kishwaukee College. For more information on enrollment and registration, contact Student Services at 815-825-9375 or email

Pictured is horticulture student Hannah Thompson, Rochelle, in the hydroponic area in a greenhouse on campus.