August 31, 2017

3M awards stethoscopes to Nursing students

Seven first-year nursing students at Kishwaukee College were the recipients of prestigious Littmann Stethoscopes from the Community Support Group at 3M. Donna Engh and Stephanie Whaley from the 3M Community Support Group were on campus on August 31 to award the stethoscopes to the students.

The nursing students who received Littmann stethoscopes are: Cheyenne Asbury, Malta; Taralyn Dale, Lindenwood; Wilma Diaz, DeKalb; Jannik Dismuke, DeKalb; Stephanie Hardcastle, Rochelle; Jennifer Johnson, Rochelle; and Teague Walker, Sycamore.

The Community Support Group is the local arm of 3M that provides charitable assistance and support. Although the national 3M Corporation provides recognizable support in a variety of ways, including scholarships to Kishwaukee College and other educational institutions across the country, the Community Support Group is designed to be community-specific by volunteering, assisting, and donating in ways that are unique to the local community.

Since 2010, the 3M Community Support Group in DeKalb has been awarding Littman stethoscopes to deserving Kishwaukee College nursing students each semester. The Littmann Stethoscope is manufactured by 3M and is considered the “Cadillac” of stethoscopes.

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Pictured on campus with the stethoscopes are, L to R: Donna Engh, 3M Community Support Group; Jannik Dismuke, DeKalb; Teague Walker, Sycamore; Taralyn Dale, Lindenwood; Cheyenne Asbury, Malta; Wilma Diaz, DeKalb; Jennifer Johnson, Rochelle; and Stephanie Whaley, 3M Community Support Group. Not pictured is Stephanie Hardcastle, Rochelle, who also was a Littman recipient.