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The Kishwaukee College phone number is 815-825-2086. Employee phone extensions are the last four digits of direct dial phone numbers.

Click on the first letter of the last name below.


Name Title Department Office Email Direct Dial
Ackmann, Carmelita Adjunct Instructor-Office Systems Career Technologies-Office Systems cackmann@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Advising, Monday-Thursday 9-2 Advising C2110 advising@kish.edu 815-825-9515
Adzovic, Kristine Adjunct Instructor-CSD Student Services-CSD kadzovic@kish.edu 815-825-9375
Aebly, Alexandria Adjunct Instructor-Communication A/C/SS-Communication aaebly@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Ahlberg, Timothy Adjunct Instructor-Biology M/S/B-Biology tahlberg@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Ahlert, Kimberly Assistant Professor-Physics M/S/B-Physics C1240 kahlert@kish.edu 815-825-9350
Alafogianis, Elitsa Adjunct Instructor-Nursing H/E-Nursing ealafogianis@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Alde, Richard Assistant Professor-Horticulture Career Technologies-Hort Greenhouse ralde@kish.edu 815-825-9519
Alden, Stacey System Administration and Security Engineer Information Technology B2328 salden@kish.edu 815-825-9325
Altice, Phillip Adjunct Instructor-CAD Career Technologies-CAD paltice@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Anders, Tobie Textbook Buyer Bookstore C1113 tanders@kish.edu 815-825-9446
Anderson, Jessica Manager-Bookstore Bookstore C1112 janderson8@kish.edu 815-825-9786
Anderson, Tim Assistant Professor-Modern Language A/C/SS-Modern Language A2203 tanderson@kish.edu 815-825-9484
Arbogast, Samantha Adjunct Instructor-Office Systems Career Technologies-Office Systems sarbogast@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Art Gallery, Art Gallery 815-825-9322
Arts/Communications/Social Sciences, Arts/Communications/Social Sciences B1301 815-825-9364
Atkinson, David Adjunct Instructor-Diesel Power Technology Career Technologies-DPT datkinson@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Automotive tool room, Automotive tool room 815-825-9797
Avalos, Jose Adjunct Instructor-Art A/C/SS-Art javalos1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Banasiak, Tim Assistant Professor-Automotive Technology Career Technologies-AMT E117 tbanasiak@kish.edu 815-825-9818
Barbour, Samuel Adjunct Instructor-Accounting M/S/B-Accounting sbarbour@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Barnes, Erica Adjunct Instructor-Psychology A/C/SS-Psychology ebarnes@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Barron, Karen Instructor-Nursing H/E-Nursing B1235 kbarron@kish.edu 815-825-9686
Barron, Lindsay Web Developer Marketing and Public Relations A1238 lbarron@kish.edu 815-825-9317
Bassetti, Federico Adjunct Instructor-CIS Career Technologies-CIS fbassetti@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Bauer, Matthew Assistant Professor-Diesel Power Technology Career Technologies-DPT A1419 mbauer2@kish.edu 815-825-9769
Beck, Gerald Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics gbeck2@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Bedasso, Eyrusalam Assistant Professor-Chemistry M/S/B-Chemistry C1230 ebedasso@kish.edu 815-825-9442
Beinarauskas, Tammy Administrative Assistant-Health and Education H/E B1222 tbeinarauskas@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Bell, Jeremy Adjunct Instructor-Criminal Justice Career Technologies-Criminal Justice jbell@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Bereckis, Joseph DPT Toolroom Attendent Career Technologies-DPT E138 jbereckis@kish.edu 815-825-9804
Berkshire, Tim Maintenance Multi Craft Campus Operations F106 tberkshire@kish.edu 815-825-1719
Bernhard, Patrick Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English pbernhard@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Bhattacharya, Abhijeet Adjunct Instructor-Economics M/S/B-Economics abhattacharya@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Blalock, Dominica Assistant Professor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics A2245 dblalock@kish.edu 815-825-9347
Bodmer, Emily Head Coach-Volleyball Student Services-Athletics B2323 ebodmer@kish.edu 815-825-9810
Boehne, Audra Adjunct Instructor-Health H/E-Health B1236 aboehne@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Boesche, John Assistant Professor-Diesel Power Technology Career Technologies-DPT E119 jboesche@kish.edu 815-825-9813
Bogdonas, Lisa Adjunct Instructor-Therapeutic Massage H/E-Therapeutic Massage lbogdonas@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Bolton, Andrea Business Office Clerk Business Office C2140 abolton2@kish.edu 815-825-9425
Bookstore, Bookstore C1110 815-825-9445
Borowicz, Dr. Laurie President Administration C2173 lborowicz@kish.edu 815-825-9334
Boualavong, Sam Application Programmer Information Technology B2325 sboualavong@kish.edu 815-825-9319
Boynton, Maria Adjunct Instructor-Communication A/C/SS-Communication mboynton@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Bradford, Lindsey Adjunct Instructor-Office Systems Career Technologies-Office Systems lbradford@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Brenton, Joseph Head Coach-Mens Soccer Student Services-Athletics jbrenton@kish.edu 815-825-
Bresson, Dave Database Administrator Information Technology B2330 dbresson@kish.edu 815-825-9536
Briggs, Tashena Director of TRiO Upward Bound Student Services-TRiO Upward Bound C2129a tbriggs@kish.edu 815-825-9437
Brink, Greg Assistant Professor-Collision Repair Technology Career Technologies-Collision Repair Technology B405A gbrink@kish.edu 815-825-9416
Brostrom, Kimberly Assistant Professor-Sociology A/C/SS-Sociology A2208 kbrostrom@kish.edu 815-825-9852
Brown, Robert Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics rbrown3@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Budziak, Chase Dean of Math/Science/Business M/S/B B1310 cbudziak@kish.edu 815-825-1708
Bunton, Rick Assistant Professor-CAD Career Technologies-CAD A1414 rbunton@kish.edu 815-825-9634
Burks, Margaret Adjunct Instructor-Basic Nursing Assistant H/E-Basic Nursing Assistant B1236 mburks1@kish.edu 3552
Business Office, Mon 8-6 Tues-Thurs 8-5 Fri 8-4 Business Office C2140 busserv@kish.edu 815-825-9400
Buss, Rob Head Coach-Basketball/Wellness Ctr Student Services-Athletics A0408 rbuss@kish.edu 815-825-9343
Butz, Brenda Adjunct Instructor-Office Systems Career Technologies-Office Systems bbutz@kish.edu 805-825-9380
Byers, Brock CDL Trainer Workforce and Community Education A1219 bbyers@kish.edu 815-825-9798
Caccia, Zachery Assistant Professor-Welding Career Technologies-Welding A1429 zcaccia@kish.edu 815-825-9703
Cadet Corps, Cadet Corps A1408 815-825-9431
Cafeteria, Monique Cafeteria 815-825-9557
Callahan, June Assistant Professor-Nursing H/E-Nursing B1231 jcallahan@kish.edu 815-825-9785
Campbell, Brian Adjunct Instructor-English/Philosophy A/C/SS-English/Philosophy bcampbell@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Campbell, Pete Adjunct Instructor-AET Manufacturing Career Technologies-Manufacturing Technology A1423 pcampbell@kish.edu 815-825-9414
Career Center, Career Center C2123 815-825-9472
Career Technologies , Career Technologies A1410 815-825-9380
Carlon, Burcu Adjunct Instructor-Biology M/S/B-Biology bcarlon@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Carlson, Susan Adjunct Instructor-Communication A/C/SS-Communication scarlson6@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Carrington, Nikkita Career Planner-WIOA Youth Program Workforce and Community Education C1216 ncarrington@kish.edu 815-825-9521
Cassinelli, Meaghan Financial Aid Processing Specialist Student Services-Financial Aid C2155 mcassinelli@kish.edu 815-825-9533
CDL, CDL A1231 815-825-9534
Center for Family Health, Center for Family Health 815-754-1089
Challand, Luke Client Support Specialist Information Technology A2216 lchalland@kish.edu 815-825-9817
Chamness, Jennifer Adjunct Instructor-Nursing H/E-Nursing jchamness@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Champion, Kelly Adjunct Instructor-Sociology A/C/SS-Sociology kchampion@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Chaney, Melinda Coordinator-Biology Lab M/S/B-Biology C2267 mchaney@kish.edu 815-825-9496
Chastain, Megan Adjunct Instructor-Biology M/S/B-Biology mchastain1@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Chiavini, Gary Adjunct Instructor-Automated Engineering Tech. Manufacturing Career Technologies-Manufacturing gchiavini@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Chiavini, Laura Creative Communication Specialist Marketing and Public Relations A1234 lchiavini@kish.edu 815-825-9403
Chilton, Bette Dean of Health and Education H/E B1223 bchilton@kish.edu 815-825-9308
Choi, Soo-Yon Adjunct Instructor-Music A/C/SS-Music schoi1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Christiansen, Sue Adjunct Instructor-Basic Nursing Assistant H/E-Basic Nursing Assistant schristiansen@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Ciaccio, Leslie Coordinator-Complementary Health Programs H/E-Complementary Health B1241 lciaccio@kish.edu 815-825-9363
Clark, Janet Adjunct Instructor-Political Science A/C/SS-Political Science jclark3@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Cleven, Jacqueline Adjunct Instructor-Education H/E-Education jcleven@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Cline, Christina Adjunct Instructor-Biology M/S/B-Biology ccline@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Clough, Robert Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics rclough@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Collision Repair tool room, Collision Repair tool room 815-825-9477
Conley, Sara Adjunct Instructor-Psychology A/C/SS-Psychology sconley1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Corr, Ellen Adjunct Instructor-Basic Nursing Assistant H/E-Basic Nursing Assistant ecorr@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Corrigan, Zachary Adjunct Instructor-Communication A/C/SS-Communication zcorrigan@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Criswell, Nicole Assistant Professor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics A2205 ncriswell@kish.edu 815-825-9530
Cronauer, Christopher Adjunct Instructor-CAD Career Technologies-CAD ccronauer@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Crull, Matthew Director of Research and Data Management Institutional Research and Reports C2159a mcrull@kish.edu 815-825-9433
Custodial Services, Custodial Services A1246 815-825-9468
Dahm, Joe Coordinator-Transportation Programs Workforce and Community Education C1222 jdahm@kish.edu 815-825-9534
Damask, Lori Adjunct Instructor-Radiography Clinincal H/E-Radiography ldamask@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Dammon, David Assistant Professor-Criminal Justice Career Technologies-Criminal Justice C2257 ddammon@kish.edu 815-825-9538
Davis, Benjamin Adjunct Instructor-Communication A/C/SS-Communication bdavis3@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Davis, Robert Adjunct Instructor-Art A/C/SS-Art B1407 rdavis3@kish.edu 815-825-9364
DeKalb County Sheriff's Office, Christian Kuhns DeKalb County Sheriff's Office C2177 ksecurity@kish.edu 815-825-9529
Delmont, Angela Adjunct Instructor-Nursing Clinical H/E-Nursing adelmont@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Desavouret, Scott Custodian Campus Operations A1246 sdesavouret@kish.edu 815-825-9468
deSeife, Cynthia Adjunct Instructor-Education H/E-Education B1236 cdeseife@kish.edu 815-825-
Desjarlais, John Assistant Professor-Journalism A/C/SS-Journalism A2201 jdesjarlais@kish.edu 815-825-9366
Diericks, Jason Adjunct Instructor-CAD Career Technologies-CAD jdiericks@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Diesel Power Toolroom, Diesel Power Toolroom 815-825-9804
Dietz, Adam Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English adietz@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Disability Services, Monday-Friday 8-4 Disability Services A1318 ds@kish.edu 815-825-2931
Duffy, Michele Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English mduffy1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Duhau Girola, Laura Adjunct Instructor-Philosophy A/C/SS-Philosophy lduhaugirola@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Durin, Steve Director-Aviation/DPT Assistant Professor Career Technologies-Aviation/DPT A1418 sdurin@kish.edu 815-825-9382
Early Childhood Center, Early Childhood Center skimmel@kish.edu 815-825-9880
Ebner, Michael Client Support Specialist Information Technology A2216 mebner@kish.edu 815-825-9506
Edgecombe, Alan Assistant Professor-Physics M/S/B-Physics C1235 aedgecombe@kish.edu 815-825-9312
Edwards, Brian Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English bedwards2@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Edwards, Heather Adjunct Instructor-Horticulture Career Technologies-Hort hedwards@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Edwards, Melanie Adjunct Instructor-Office Systems Career Technologies-Office Systems medwards@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Elevator (Kaleidoscope), 2925
Elevator Gym, 9792
Elliott, Janine Custodian Campus Operations A1246 jelliott@kish.edu 815-825-9468
Ellis, Pernevlon Assistant Professor-Sociology A/C/SS-Sociology A2214 pellis1@kish.edu 815-825-9540
Engel, Mark Assistant Professor-Diesel Power Technology Career Technologies-DPT E120 mengel1@kish.edu 815-825-9787
Eppley, Trisha Adjunct Instructor-Esthetics H/E-Esthetics teppley@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Ernest , Deb Coordinator-Emergency Medical Servics/Instructor H/E-Emergency Medical Services B1214 dernest@kish.edu 815-825-9513
Ernest, Steve Instructor-Emergency Medical Services H/E-Emergency Medical Services B1215 sernest1@kish.edu 815-825-9497
Ervins, Corneilia Lead Teacher/Practicum Site Coordinator Student Services-ECC ECC cervins@kish.edu 815-825-9880
Estes, Charlotte Coordinator-Media Distribution Media Services A1263 cestes@kish.edu 815-825-9488
Ewert, Matthew Assistant Professor-Horticulture Career Technologies-Hort B2310 mewert@kish.edu 815-825-9392
Fairbanks, Jennifer Adjunct Instructor-Office Systems Career Technologies-Office Systems jfairbanks@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Faivre, Colleen Adjunct Instructor-Nursing H/E-Nursing cfaivre@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Fellers, James Adjunct Instructor-Aviation Career Technologies-Aviation jfeller@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Fenton, Regina Admissions Night Clerk Student Services C2100 rfenton@kish.edu 815-825-9415
Fenton, Rich Copy Center Operator Copy Center/Mail Services F101 rfenton1@kish.edu 815-825-9323
Feuerborn, Matt Dean of Career Technologies Career Technologies B1310 mfeuerborn@kish.edu 815-825-9381
Financial Aid, Financial Aid C2150 finaid@kish.edu 815-825-9328
Flieder, Claire Intern-WIOA Youth Program Workforce and Community Education C1213 cflieder@kish.edu 815-825-9410
Flink, Don Assistant Professor-Diesel Power Technology Career Technologies-DPT E118 dflink1@kish.edu 815-825-9784
Folkers, Gregory CDL Trainer Workforce and Community Education C1219 gfolkers@kish.edu 815-825-9677
Foote, Melissa Assistant Professor-Philosophy A/C/SS-Philosophy mfoote@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Forsberg, Amy Test Proctor Testing & Tutoring Services A1300 aforsberg@kish.edu 815-825-9841
Forsberg, Amy Adjunct Instructor-French A/C/SS-French aforsberg@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Foundation, Foundation C2160 foundation@kish.edu 815-825-2952
Fowler, Jonathan Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English jfowler1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Fox, Jerry Director-Radiography H/E-Radiography B1226 gfox1@kish.edu 815-825-9361
Fritsch, Dan Maintenance-Multi Craft Campus Operations F106 dfritsch@kish.edu 815-825-2920
Fry, Denise Admissions Assistant Student Services C2100 dfry@kish.edu 815-825-9826
Fuerst, Carl Assistant Professor-English A/C/SS-English A2236 cfuerst@kish.edu 815-825-2922
Funston, Terry Lyn Assistant Professor-Psychology A/C/SS-Psychology A2213 tfunston@kish.edu 815-825-9338
Furman, Susan Administrative Assistant-Financial Aid Financial Aid C2150 sfurman@kish.edu 815-825-9821
Fuss, Kevin Vice President of Administration Administration C2166 kfuss@kish.edu 815-825-9454
Gallagher, Janet Assistant Professor-Horticulture Career Technologies-Hort B2315 jgallagher@kish.edu 815-825-9504
Gallagher, Melissa Coordinator-Business Development Workforce and Community Education C1214 mgallagher1@kish.edu 815-825-9466
Gates, William Adjunct Instructor-Diesel Power Technology Career Technologies-DPT wgates@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Gay, Doug Maintenance Multi Craft Campus Operations F106 dgay@kish.edu 815-825-2193
Gay, Laurie Financial Aid Loan Processing Specialist Student Services-Financial Aid C2154 lgay@kish.edu 815-825-9493
Gibson, Jamie Adjunct Instructor-Nursing Clinical H/E-Nursing jgibson1@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Gidding, Janet Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics jgidding@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Gillespie, Rita Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics rgillespie@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Gillis, Missy Director-Student Outreach & Educational Partnerships Student Services-Student Outreach C2151 mgillis@kish.edu 815-825-9423
Gleason High, April Multimedia Designer Marketing and Public Relations A1233 agleasonhigh@kish.edu 815-825-9360
Goldberg, Alexander Adjunct Instructor-Communication A/C/SS-Communication agoldberg@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Gommel, David Coordinator-Maintenance Services Campus Operations F107 dgommel@kish.edu 815-825-9471
Gommel, Mark Maintenance Multi Craft Campus Operations F106 mgommel@kish.edu 815-825-1718
Gordon, Nate Assistant Professor-English A/C/SS-English B2317 ngordon@kish.edu 815-825-9383
Gormley, Margaret Custodian Campus Operations A1246 mgormley@kish.edu 815-825-9468
Green, Anne-Marie Director of Academic Support & Library Services Library Services A1113 agreen3@kish.edu 815-825-9443
Green, Elizabeth Adjunct Instructor-History A/C/SS-History egreen@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Green, Kim Academic Coordinator-Student Support Services Student Services-TRiO C2126 kgreen3@kish.edu 815-825-9653
Greenhouse, Greenhouse 815-825-9597
Gregory, Laura Assistant CE Coordinator Workforce and Community Education C1215 lgregory@kish.edu 815-825-9641
Griffith, Christopher Adjunct Instructor-CAD Career Technologies-CAD cgriffith1@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Griffith, Kristen Test Proctor Testing & Tutoring Services A1306 kgriffith@kish.edu 815-825-9841
Grimes, Kirsten Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English kgrimes1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Gullman, Paul Adjunct Instructor-CIS Career Technologies-CIS pgullman@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Gundy, Krystal Head Coach-Womens Basketball Student Services-Athletics B2322 kgundy@kish.edu 815-825-9664
Habben, David Adjunct Instructor-CIS Career Technologies-CIS dhabben@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Hall, Michelle Adjunct Instructor-Business M/S/B-Business mhall2@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Hall, Sara Administrative Assistant-Marketing Services Marketing and Public Relations A1227 shall@kish.edu 815-825-9509
Halpern, Miles Assistant Professor-Art & Design A/C/SS-Art & Design B1424 mhalpern@kish.edu 815-825-9345
Hamel, Kayte Executive Director-Marketing and Public Relations Marketing and Public Relations A1232 khamel@kish.edu 815-825-9447
Hansen, Jill Controller Business Office C2140 jhansen1@kish.edu 815-825-9517
Hanson, Beth Conference Center Coordinator Marketing and Public Relations A1227 bhanson@kish.edu 815-825-9735
Harrison, Thomas Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics tharrison2@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Hartwig, Kimberley Adjunct Instructor-Nursing H/E-Nursing khartwig@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Harvey, Anna Adjunct Instructor-Early Childhood H/E-Early Childhood aharvey@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Health and Education, Health and Education B1222 815-825-9354
Heilman, Heather Coordinator-Nursing Lab H/E-Nursing B1232 hheilman@kish.edu 815-825-2938
Helgeson, Adam Maintenance Multi Craft Campus Operations F106 ahelgeson@kish.edu 815-825-1714
Helton, Virginia Grounds/Custodial Campus Operations A1246 vhelton@kish.edu 815-825-9468
Henricks, Stephanie Library Assistant-Technical Services Library Services A1112 shenricks@kish.edu 815-825-9545
Hermann, Eric Application Programmer Information Technology B2325 ehermann@kish.edu 815-825-9435
Hernandez, Tricia Administrative Assistant-Workforce and Community Education Workforce and Community Education C1210 thernandez@kish.edu 815-825-9441
Herrman, Denny CDL Training Specialist Workforce and Community Education A1219 dherrman@kish.edu 815-825-9798
Herrmann, Joseph Paramedic Simulation Technician H/E-Emergency Medical Services B1212 jherrmann1@kish.edu 815-825-9675
Hillier, Charles Adjunct Instructor-Diesel Power Technology Career Technologies-DPT chillier@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Hintzsche, Janette Custodian Campus Operations A1246 jhintzsche@kish.edu 815-825-9468
Hitzeroth, Christa Adjunct Instructor-Sociology A/C/SS-Sociology chitzeroth@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Ho, Jonathan Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics A2249 jho@kish.edu 815-825-9346
Hoecherl, Laurie Assistant Professor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics A2206 lhoecherl@kish.edu 815-825-9819
Hoelzer, John Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics jhoelzer@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Hogshead, Diana Adjunt Instructor-Office Systems Career Technologies-Office Systems dhogshead@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Hogshead, Edward Adjunct Instructor-Office Systems Career Technologies-Office Systems ehogshead@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Holiday, John Adjuct Instructor-Criminal Justice Career Technologies-Criminal Justice jholiday@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Hooker, Brianna PT Administrative Assistant-Instruction Instruction B1301 bhooker2@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Hoover, Steven Adjunct Instructor-Art A/C/SS-Art shoover@kish.edu 815-825-2094
Horlack, Robert Adjunct Instructor-Biology M/S/B-Biology rhorlack@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Horta, Graciela Coordinator-Student Outreach Student Services-Student Outreach C2152 ghorta@kish.edu 815-825-1711
Hughes, Adam Assistant Professor-Biology M/S/B-Biology C1237 ahughes1@kish.edu 815-825-9372
Hultgren, Tina Assistant Professor-English A/C/SS-English B2320 thultgren@kish.edu 815-825-9395
Human Resources, Human Resources C1261 815-825-9370
Hunyard, Robert Custodian Campus Operations A1246 rhunyard@kish.edu 815-825-9468
Illinois WorkNet Center, 1701 E Lincoln Hwy 815-901-0177 ext.250
Irmen, Ami Assistant Professor-English A/C/SS-English A2202 airmen@kish.edu 815-825-9378
IT Help Desk, IT Help Desk A1252 815-825-9888
James, Autumn Adjunct Instructor-Geography M/S/B-Geography ajames3@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Jezak, Jon Adjunct Instructor-Sociology A/C/SS-Sociology jjezak@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Johnson, Amy Adjunct Instructor-Philosophy A/C/SS-Philosophy ajohnson21@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Johnson, Carl Adjunct Instructor-Welding Career Technologies-Welding cjohnson14@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Johnson, Chris Maintenance Mechanic Campus Operations F170A cjohnson@kish.edu 815-825-9373
Johnson, Danielle Adjunct Instructor-Psychology A/C/SS-Psychology djohnson@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Johnson, Dennis Adjunct Instructor-Philosophy A/C/SS-Philosophy djohnson13@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Johnson, Stacy Lead Grounds Campus Operations F170a sjohnson@kish.edu 815-825-9892
Johnston, Sandra Instructor-Biology M/S/B-Biology C2213 sjohnston1@kish.edu 815-825-9531
Jones, Kathleen Purchasing Coordinator Business Office C2144 kjones1@kish.edu 815-825-1709
Jones, Lori Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics ljones6@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Jones, Michelle Human Resources Specialist Human Resources C1261 mjones11@kish.edu 815-825-9456
Jordal, Kim Administrative Assistant-A/C/SS A/C/SS B1301 kjordal@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Jordal, Michael Assistant-Tutor Testing & Tutoring Services A1300 mjordal1522@kish.edu 815-825-9377
Jorgenson, Jean Adjunct Instructor-Nursing H/E-Nursing jjorgenson@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Jossendal, Jennifer Assistant Professor-History A/C/SS-History A2212 jjossendal@kish.edu 815-825-9376
Julie, Gavin-Freeman Adjunct Instructor-Therapeutic Massage H/E-Therapeutic Massage jgavin2@kish.edu 815-825-9354
Kantner, Joanne Vice President of Instruction Administration C2164 mkantner@kish.edu 815-825-9450
Karasewski, Cindy Administrative Assistant-Student Support Services Student Services-TRiO C2123 ckarasewski@kish.edu 815-825-2951
Katoll, Ellen Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English ekatoll@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Katoll, Ellen Adjunct Instructor-Business M/S/B-Business ekatoll@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Kawall, Scott Director-Student Involvement Student Services-Student Involvement C2111 skawall@kish.edu 815-825-9837
Kayes, Donna Coordinator-Basic Nursing Assistant H/E-Basic Nursing Assistant B1220 dkayes@kish.edu 815-825-9464
Keller, Donna Business Office Clerk Business Office C2140 dkeller@kish.edu 815-825-9555
Kernan, Carolyn Counselor Student Services-Counseling C2117 ckernan@kish.edu 815-825-1703
Kerns-Wilson, Lesley Adjunct Instructor-Therapeutic Massage H/E-Therapeutic Massage lkerns-wilson@kish.edu 815-825-9354
Kersten, Kelly Administrative Assistant-Administration Administration C2160 kkersten1@kish.edu 815-825-9803
Kesselring, Sean Lead Academic Advisor Student Services-Advising C2114 skesselring@kish.edu 815-825-9822
Kessen, Connie Copy Center/Mail Services Manager Copy Center/Mail Services F101A ckessen@kish.edu 815-825-9306
Kilroy, Andrea Adjunct Instructor-Nursing H/E-Nursing akilroy@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Kimmel, Steve Director-Early Childhood Center Student Services-ECC ECC skimmel@kish.edu 815-825-9781
King, Cathy Library Assistant-Circulation Library Services A1115 cking2@kish.edu 815-825-9444
King, Jackie Records & Registration Specialist Student Services C2100 jking@kish.edu 815-825-9329
King, Matthew CDL Training Specialist Workforce and Community Education C1221 mking@kish.edu 815-825-9449
King, Timothy Adjunct Instructor-Art A/C/SS-Art tking5@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Klick, David Assistant Professor-CIS Career Technologies-CIS A1342 dklick@kish.edu 815-825-9337
Koepke, Sarah Adjunct Instructor-Anthropology A/C/SS-Anthropology skoepke@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Kohls, Stacy Adjunct Instructor-Philosophy A/C/SS-Philosophy skohls@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Kolls, Mary Ann Director of Workforce and Community Education Workforce and Community Education C1224 mkolls@kish.edu 815-825-9426
Komadina, Steve Maintenance Electrician Campus Operations F106 skomadina@kish.edu 815-825-9766
Komadina, Tracy Information Center Receptionist Student Services-Information Center C Lobby tkomadina@kish.edu 815-825-2086
Konan , LaCretia Director of Business & Training Partnerships Workforce and Community Education C2118 lkonan1@kish.edu 815-825-9791
Kron, Clare Adjunct Instructor-Biology M/S/B-Biology ckron@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Kruizenga, Sam Helpdesk Specialist Information Technology A1252 skruizenga1@kish.edu 815-825-1702
Kubetz, Diane Adjunct Instructor-Early Childhood H/E-Early Childhood dkubetz@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Kunigonis, Amy Adjunct Instructor-Physical Education H/E-Physical Education akunigonis@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Kyler, Christie Development Coordinator Foundation C2167 ckyler@kish.edu 815-825-9507
Lactation Room, Lactation Room A1235
Lamb, Keith Director-Campus Operations Campus Operations F105 klamb2@kish.edu 815-825-9398
Lamb, Tina Adjunct Instructor-Health H/E-Health Online tlamb1@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Lange, Mindy Human Resources Specialist Human Resources C1103 mlange3@kish.edu 815-825-9782
Lanning, Susan Adjunct Instructor-Therapeutic Massage H/E-Therapeutic Massage B1236 slanning@kish.edu 815-825-9363
Lanting, Mark Director of Accreditation & Grants Administration C2159b mlanting@kish.edu 815-825-9453
Lapeyre, Christopher Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English clapeyre@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Larson, Arial Adjunct Instructor-Communication A/C/SS-Communication alarson1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Lawson, Shelley Administrative Assistant-Upward Bound Student Services-TRiO Upward Bound C2123 slawson@kish.edu 815-825-9552
Leach, Barbara Test Proctor Testing & Tutoring Services A1309 bleach1@kish.edu 815-825-9841
Lee, Dariana Coordinator-WIOA Youth Program Workforce and Community Education C1218 dlee2@kish.edu 815-825-9341
Lehpamer, Nicole Adjunct Instructor-Sociology A/C/SS-Sociology nlehpamer@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Levine, Shelly Mail Delivery Clerk Copy Center/Mail Services F102 slevine@kish.edu 815-825-9438
Library, Library A1100 815-825-9330
Lineberry, Elena Instructor-Biology M/S/B-Biology C1242 elineberry@kish.edu 815-825-9313
Lockman, Tim Reference Librarian Library Services A1106 tlockman@kish.edu 815-825-9543
Long, Jaime Dean of Arts/Communications/Social Sciences A/C/SS B1301 jlong@kish.edu 815-825-9532
Long, Shawn Instructor-Automotive Technology Career Technologies-AMT E121 slong@kish.edu 815-825-9795
Lord, Jodi Coordinator-Teacher Preparation/Instructor PE & Health H/E-Physical Education B2319 jlord@kish.edu 815-825-9401
Luckey, Kimberly Adjunct Instructor-Nursing Clinical H/E-Nursing kluckey@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Lundgren, Becky Admissions Analyst Student Services C2104 blundgren@kish.edu 815-825-9348
Lyons, Jessica Adjunct Instructor-Psychology A/C/SS-Psychology jlyons@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Magnuson, Brian Coordinator-On-line Courses/Web Page Media Services A1255 bmagnuson@kish.edu 815-825-9418
Mais, James Instructor-Physics M/S/B-Physics C1243 jmais@kish.edu 815-825-1705
Male, Brad Maintenance Multi Craft Campus Operations F106 bmale1@kish.edu 815-825-9767
Mantick, Lu Administrative Assistant-Financial Aid Student Services-Financial Aid C2150 lmantick@kish.edu 815-825-9700
Marketing and Public Relations, Marketing and Public Relations A1227 815-825-9509
Marquez, Timothy Adjunct Instructor-Political Science A/C/SS-Political Science tmarquez@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Marsden, Sarah Counselor Student Services-Counseling C2116 smarsden@kish.edu 815-825-9421
Marshall, Wendy Training Specialist-IwNC Workforce and Community Education wmarshall@kish.edu 815-901-0177
Martin, Charles Adjunct Instructor-Business M/S/B-Business cmartin@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Math/Science/Business, Math/Science/Business B1301 815-825-9307
Matushek, Phil Client Support Specialist Information Technology A2216 pmatushek@kish.edu 815-825-9800
Matuszewski, Steve Adjunct Instructor-MT/AET Career Technologies-MT/AET smatuszewski@kish.edu 815-825-9380
McCall, Leonard Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English lmccall@kish.edu 815-825-9364
McCluskey, Cindy Executive Director Board Relations and Human Resources Human Resources C1101 cmccluskey@kish.edu 815-825-9333
McConnell, Morgan Adjunct Instructor-CIS Career Technologies-CIS mmcconnell2@kish.edu 815-825-9380
McCullough, Branden Instructor-History A/C/SS-History A2215 bmccullough3@kish.edu 815-825-9474
McDougall, James Adjunct Instructor-Criminal Justice Career Technologies-Criminal Justice jmcdougall@kish.edu 815-825-9380
McGarry, RJ Director-IT Information Technology A1259 rmcgarry@kish.edu 815-825-9811
McGee, Jennifer Adjunct Instructor-Therapeutic Massage H/E-Therapeutic Massage jmcgee2@kish.edu 815-825-9354
McMurray, Dorrie Custodian Campus Operations A1246 dmcmurray@kish.edu 815-825-9468
McPheron, Larry Adjunct Instructor-Biology M/S/B-Biology lmcpheron@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Meadors, Marie Instructor-Radiography H/E-Radiography B1227 mmeadors@kish.edu 815-825-9452
Media Services, Media Services A1252 815-825-9870
Meerman, Suzanne Transition Specialist Workforce and Community Education C1212 smeerman@kish.edu 815-825-9409
Meier, Bridget Adjunct Instructor-Basic Nursing Assistant H/E-Basic Nursing Assistant bmeier1@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Meinhardt, Timothy Adjunct Instructor-Diesel Power Technology Career Technologies-DPT tmeinhardt@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Mershon, Kathy Administrative Assistant-Math/Science/Business M/S/B B1301 kmershon@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Messer, Susan Custodian Campus Operations A1246 smesser@kish.edu 815-825-9468
Michels, William Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics A2247 wmichels@kish.edu 815-825-9802
Millen, Timothy Adjunct Instructor-Physical Science M/S/B-Physical Science tmillen@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Miller, Brook Media Production Technician Media Services A1261 bmiller@kish.edu 815-825-9558
Miller, Mary Ann Administrative Assistant-Disability Services Student Services-Disability Services A1317 mmiller8@kish.edu 815-825-9486
Miller-O'dell, Bonnie Instructor-English A/C/SS-English A2204 bmiller-odell@kish.edu 815-825-9394
Minicz, Allison Adjunct Instructor-Office Systems Career Technologies-Office Systems aminicz@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Mitchell, Patricia Instructor-Nursing H/E-Nursing B1237 pmitchell@kish.edu 815-825-9537
Montag, Jenifer Accommodations Specialist Student Services-Disability Services A1319 jmontag@kish.edu 815-825-1701
Moore, Andrew Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics amoore4259@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Morgan, Emily Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics emorgan@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Morgan, Jenny Director of Testing Services & Learning Assistance Testing & Tutoring Services A1311 jmorgan1@kish.edu 815-825-9379
Morgan, Kimberly Instructor Therapeutic Massage H/E-Therapeutic Massage kmorgan3338@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Mosher, Mike Custodian Campus Operations A1246 mosher@kish.edu 815-825-9468
Mueller, Ann Coordinator-Tutoring Services Testing & Tutoring Services A1312 amueller@kish.edu 815-825-9335
Murdaugh, Laura Instructor-Chemistry M/S/B-Chemistry C1233 lmurdaugh@kish.edu 815-825-9311
Musselman, Tina Business Office Specialist Business Office C2146 tmusselman@kish.edu 815-825-9326
Nakonechny, John Adjunct Instructor-History A/C/SS-History jnakonechny@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Neal, Jane Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English jneal1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Newell, Paul Adjunct Instructor-CIS Career Technologies-CIS pnewell1@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Nezrick, Tania Instructor-Biology M/S/B-Biology C2211 tnezrick@kish.edu 815-825-9481
Ngwaba, Andy Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics angwaba@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Nicklas, Bill Special Assistant to the President-Executive Director, Foundation Administration C2163 bnicklas@kish.edu 815-825-9412
Nojiri, Carolyn Head Coach-Softball Student Services-Athletics B2316 cnojiri@kish.edu 815-825-9848
O'Hare, Amanda Employment Specialist-IwNC Workforce and Community Education 815-901-0177 Ext. 252
O'Leary-Nakaerts, Doreen Adjunct Instructor-Nursing H/E-Nursing doleary-nakaerts@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Oberheim, Julie Academic Advisor Student Services-Advising C2113 joberheim@kish.edu 815-825-9336
Oestreich, Anne Instructor-Biology M/S/B-Biology C1239 aoestreich@kish.edu 815-825-9451
Ohlinger, Michelle Executive Assistant to the President Administration C2160 mohlinger@kish.edu 815-825-9324
Oliver-Pataki, Leah Athletic Trainer Student Services-Athletics A0402 loliverpataki@kish.edu 815-825-9808
Olson, Kate Adjunct Instructor-Health H/E-Health kolson@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Ormond, Janis Instructor-Nursing H/E-Nursing B1228 jormond@kish.edu 815-825-2078
Orr, Karilyn Adjunct Instructor-Sociology A/C/SS-Sociology korr@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Ortega, Ivan Academic Advisor Student Services-Advising C2115 iortega10203@kish.edu 815-825-9351
Ortiz, Amanda RN Simulation Technician H/E-Nursing B1212 aortiz1@kish.edu 815-825-1707
Papapostolou, Pam Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English ppapapostolou@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Parola, Michael Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics mparola@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Partch, Nancy Dean of Student Services Student Services C2119 npartch@kish.edu 815-825-9365
Pascolini, Pam Instructor-Office Systems Career Technologies-Office Systems A1366 ppascolini@kish.edu 815-825-9413
Patnode, James Toolroom Attendant-Automotive Technology Career Technologies-AMT E105 jpatnode@kish.edu 815-825-9797
Paulson, David Adjunct ACSS, AE Training Specialist and Recruitment/Retention Workforce and Community Education C1225 dpaulson@kish.edu 815-825-9405
Perkins, Brian Maintenance Multi Craft Campus Operations F106 bperkins@kish.edu 815-825-9755
Perkins, Mark Custodian Campus Operations A1246 mperkins3@kish.edu 815-825-9468
Pethoud, Josh Head Coach-Baseball Student Services-Athletics A0409 jpethoud@kish.edu 815-825-9502
Phelps, Pam Assistant Teacher-ECC Student Services-ECC ECC pphelps@kish.edu 815-825-9880
Piazza, Nick Assistant Director- IT Information Technology A1262 npiazza@kish.edu 815-825-9770
Plakovic, James Adjunct Instructor-Psychology A/C/SS-Psychology jplakovic@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Pleckham, Neal Toolroom Attendant-Automotive Technology Career Technologies-AMT E105 npleckham@kish.edu 815-825-9797
Plescia, Sandee Coordinator-Early Childhood H/E-Early Childhood B1213 splescia@kish.edu 815-825-9455
Potts, Nicole Instructor-Chemistry M/S/B-Chemistry C1234 npotts@kish.edu 815-825-9353
Powers, Melissa Adjunct Instructor-Psychology A/C/SS-Psychology mpowers1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Powers, Terri Coordinator-Payroll Business Office C2140 tpowers@kish.edu 815-825-9406
Prendergast, Cynthia Health Careers Retention Specialist/Adjunct Instructor Nursing H/E-Nursing B1221 cprendergast@kish.edu 815-825-9359
Price, John Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English jprice1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Pupino, Bernard Coordinator-Career Technologies Career Technologies A1426 bpupino@kish.edu 815-825-2673
Raimondi, Charles Instructor-ELE Career Technologies-ELE A1427 craimondi@kish.edu 815-825-9389
Rakes, John Adjunct Instructor-Music A/C/SS-Music jrakes@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Ramsdell, Ronda Multimedia Designer Marketing and Public Relations A1236 rramsdell@kish.edu 815-825-9549
Read, Matt Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics A2248 mread@kish.edu 815-825-9463
Redington , Peggy Greenhouse Technician Career Technologies-Greenhouse Greenhouse predington@kish.edu 815-825-9597
Reising, Sonia Director of Enrollment Services Student Services C2102 sreising@kish.edu 815-825-9738
Reppin, Diane Head Teacher-ECC Student Services-ECC ECC dreppin@kish.edu 815-825-9880
Richardson, Tara Assistant-Bookstore Operation's Bookstore C1115 trichardson2@kish.edu 815-825-9316
Rider, Kyra Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics A2200 krider@kish.edu 815-825-9525
Robar, Jim Adjunct Instructor-Criminal Justice Career Technologies-Criminal Justice jrobar@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Robar, Kelly Adjunct Instructor-Business M/S/B-Business krobar@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Robinson, Avra Adjunct Instructor-Education H/E-Education arobinson5@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Rodriguez, Roger Maintenance Multi Craft Campus Operations Boiler Room rrodriguez@kish.edu 815-825-9789
Rogers, Bill Adjunct Instructor-Collision Repair Technology Career Technologies-Collision Repair Technology E104 brogers2@kish.edu 815-825-9728
Rose, Pamela Adjunct Instructor-Esthetics H/E-Esthetics prose1@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Rothmeyer, Michelle Vice President of Student Services Administration C2165 mrothmeyer@kish.edu 815-825-9807
Sager, James Adjunct Instructor-CIS Career Technologies-CIS jsager@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Santiago, Natalie Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English nsantiago@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Schaufel, Jarred Adjunct Instructor-Therapeutic Massage H/E-Therapeutic Massage jschaufel@kish.edu 815-825-9363
Scheri, Michelle Adjunct Instructor-Nursing H/E-Nursing mscheri@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Schmitt, Bob Maintenance Multi Craft Campus Operations F106 bschmitt@kish.edu 815-825-9768
Schnier, Kathy Instructor-Nursing H/E-Nursing B1230 kschnier@kish.edu 815-825-9801
Schoen, Joseph Adjunct Instructor-Physical Science M/S/B-Physical Science jschoen@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Schrader, Jaime Director-Adult Education & Perkins Support Workforce and Community Education C1216 jschrader1@kish.edu 815-825-9408
Schreur, Uriah Adjunct Instructor-Welding Career Technologies-Welding uschreur@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Schroeder, Eric Adjunct Instructor-Music A/C/SS-Music eschroeder@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Schulz, Jeremy Adjunct Instructor-Art A/C/SS-Art jschulz@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Seilheimer, Darlene Intern WIOA Youth Program Workforce and Community Education C1215 dseilheimer@kish.edu 815-825-9410
Shearer, Leah Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English lshearer@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Shelton, Kay Adjunct Instructor-Anthropology A/C/SS-Anthropology mshelton@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Shotton, Scott Instructor-Automotive Technology Career Technologies-AMT E122 sshotton@kish.edu 815-825-9796
Simon, David Adjunct Instructor-Communication A/C/SS-Communication dsimon1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Sims, Danita Coordinator-Employer Services at IwNC Workforce and Community Education dsims2@kish.edu 815-901-0177
Singer, Kay Instructor-Nursing Program H/E-Nursing B1211 ksinger@kish.edu 815-825-9847
Smith, Amy Instructor-English A/C/SS-English A2211 asmith@kish.edu 815-825-9314
Smith, Gretchen Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English gsmith2@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Smith, Linda Administrative Assistant-Counseling/Coordinators Student Services C2100 lsmith@kish.edu 815-825-9850
Smith, Wilma Administrative Assistant-Vice President of Student Services Administration C2160 wsmith@kish.edu 815-825-9352
Soost, Kelly Coordinator-Nursing/Instructor H/E-Nursing B1224 ksoost@kish.edu 815-825-9358
Srygler, Robert Adjunct Instructor-Biology M/S/B-Biology rsrygler@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Stein, Nathan Client Support Specialist Information Technology A2216 nstein@kish.edu 815-825-9794
Stonesifer, Cynthia Director-Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs Student Services-Financial Aid C2156 cstonesifer@kish.edu 815-825-9806
Strong, Amanda Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English astrong1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Stroud, Kenneth Adjunct Intstructor-CAD Career Technologies-CAD 815-825-9380
Stroud, Paula Instructor-Psychology A/C/SS-Psychology A2209 pstroud@kish.edu 815-825-9367
Student Activities, Student Activities C1120 815-825-9528
Student Outreach, Student Outreach C2150 studentoutreach@kish.edu 815-825-9460
Student Services, Monday 8-6 Tues-Thur 8-5 Fri 8-4 Student Services C2100 onestop@kish.edu 815-825-9375
Sullivan, Timothy Adjunct Instructor-Education H/E-Education tsullivan1@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Swanson, Loretta Adjunct Instructor-Art A/C/SS-Art lswanson@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Swiger, Santina Academic Advisor Student Services-Advising C2112 sswiger@kish.edu 815-825-9732
Szychlinski, Kyle Adjunct Instructor-Diesel Power Technology Career Technologies-DPT kszychlinski@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Testing Center, Testing Center A1300 815-825-9841
Tierney, Billi Coordinator, Job Seeker Services-IwNC Workforce and Community Education Illinois workNet Center btierney@kish.edu 815-901-0177
Tiggelaar, Hayes Adjunct Instructor-Business M/S/B-Business rtiggelaar@kish.edu 815-825-9307
Tiggelaar, Tammy Instructor-Bus/Mkt/Mgmt M/S/B-Bus/Mkt/Mgt A1367 ttiggelaar@kish.edu 815-825-9478
TRiO, TRiO 815-825-9304
Tutoring, Tutoring A1300 815-825-9377
Tyler, Susan Custodian Campus Operations A1246 styler@kish.edu 815-825-9468
Vesey, Mari Administrative Assistant-Adult Education & Perkins Support Workforce and Community Education C1210 mvesey@kish.edu 805-825-9420
Vitkus, Steve Technician/Operator Information Technology B2329 svitkus@kish.edu 815-825-9302
von Ende, Allison Coordinator-Student Activities Student Services-Student Activities C1123 avonende@kish.edu 815-825-9527
Walker, Cathy Records Analyst Student Services C2108 cwalker4@kish.edu 815-825-9469
Walls, Jeremy Adjunct Instructor-Welding Career Technologies-Welding jwalls2@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Wang, Andrew Instructor-Mathematics M/S/B-Mathematics A2242 awang@kish.edu 815-825-9853
Warning, Dawn Administrative Assistant-Vice President of Instruction Administration C2160 dwarning@kish.edu 815-825-9387
Warren, Rachel Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English rwarren1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Washington, Keyanna TRiO Upward Bound Case Worker Student Services-TRiO Upward Bound C2129 kwashington@kish.edu 815-825-9646
Watson, John Adjunct Instructor-Manufacturing Technology Career Technologies-Manufacturing Technology jwatson2@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Watson, Nathan Adjunct Instructor-Manufacturing Technology Career Technologies-Manufacturing Technology nwatson@kish.edu 815-825-9380
Watson, Willliam Custodian Campus Operations A1246 wwatson@kish.edu 815-825-9468
Wednesday 10:00-2:00, Safe Passage Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services 815-756-5228
Weibel, Matthew Instructor-Communication A/C/SS-Communication A2239 mweibel@kish.edu 815-825-9668
West, Todd Instructor-English A/C/SS-English B2318 twest@kish.edu 815-825-9371
Westmeyer, Everett Instructor-Accounting M/S/B-Accounting A2234 ewestmeyer@kish.edu 815-825-9362
Whalen, Sue Adjunct Instructor-Early Childhood H/E-Early Childhood swhalen@kish.edu 815-825-9805
Wilson, Ann Coordinator-Disability Services Student Services-Disability Services A1318 awilson@kish.edu 815-825-9467
Wise, Andrea Staff Accountant Business Office C2145 awise1@kish.edu 815-825-9491
Wise, Keith Director of TRiO Student Support Services Student Services-TRiO C2128 kwise@kish.edu 815-825-2950
Wolf, Bear Adjunct Instructor-English A/C/SS-English bwolf1@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Workforce and Community Education, Workforce and Community Education C1210 815-825-9404
Wragg, Patti Curriculum and Training Specialist Workforce and Community Education C1217 pwragg@kish.edu 815-825-9386
Wubbena, Carol Reference Librarian Library Services A1105 cwubbena@kish.edu 815-825-9544
Zangara, Sam Career Planner-WIOA Youth Program Workforce and Community Education C1217 szangara@kish.edu 815-825-9384
Zepeda, Gabriela Adjunct Instructor-Esthetics H/E-Esthetics gzepeda1@kish.edu 815-825-9363
Zingrone, William Adjunct Instructor-Psychology A/C/SS-Psychology wzingrone@kish.edu 815-825-9364
Zuleger, Stephanie Adjunct Instructor-Marketing M/S/B-Marketing szuleger@kish.edu 815-825-9307