February 14, 2018

Kishwaukee College is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2018 and will hold a special 50th Anniversary Kick-Off event on Tuesday, February 20, at 4:00p.m. in the Student Center on campus. The 50th Anniversary Kick-Off will include remarks by local dignitaries and honored guests, the unveiling of 50th Anniversary commemorative video, and light refreshments. The event is free and open to the public.

Located in the center of Illinois Community College District #523 on the farmland purchased from Ralph and Bertha Byro, Kishwaukee College began through a grassroots movement among local community members, with a strong backing from the area’s agriculture community. The original Board of Trustees was elected in spring 1967 and in the summer of 1967, the College’s first president was selected, Dr. W. Lamar Fly from Hillsboro, Texas.

Kishwaukee College opened its doors in September 1968 with an enrollment of 608 students. The students had a selection of 62 courses from which to choose during that first semester, all of which were held in five temporary buildings with the Byro’s farmhouse used as administrative offices.

Today, the College has gone through six construction phases, operates nearly a half million square feet of facilities, and annually enrolls nearly 5,000 students.

For more information on the history of the College and celebration events scheduled throughout 2018, visit

February 7, 2018

The Office of Student Services at Kishwaukee College has announced the students named to the Fall 2017 Part-Time Student Honors List.

To be eligible for this honor, a student must have completed a minimum of 6 (but less than 12) semester hours of college-level courses at Kish with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

The following students have been named to the Kishwaukee College Fall 2017 Part-Time Student Honors List:

Belvidere: Pamela A Hulton and Rachel Lorane Pacey;

Byron: Jeston E Roberts;

Calumet City: Arnell Hill;

Chana: Amy L Cox, Athena P Page and Daniel E Roos;

Chicago: Priscilla M Wise;

Compton: Ethan J Rutten;

Cortland: Natalie R Baert, Eden A Hughes, Felipe Moreno, Jonathan Edward Ostland, Kaitlyn E Peluse Jenna Scheri and Angelique Strine;

Creston: Kendra N Struven;

Davis Junction: Brandon Lathrop and Christa C Mozdzien;

DeKalb: Carlos Hernandez Alarcon, Adeline Clare Andres, Matthew W Angel, Grecia Avalos, Janini Avalos, Joslyn E Barajas, Madison  Basinger, Isabella Maria Bettner, Taylor R Boston, Gail L Bough, Marcus G Brown, Scott Thomas Brown, Rachael D Bumber, Caroline Butler Bushong, Taylor  Caldwell, Taylor Catron, George R Christensen, Emily Corbin, Taylor Joesph Deaton, Tyler Dittoe, Richard Carl Dreier, Norman Gene Donahue, Sara Marie Easley, Robert J Embry, Jeffrey M Fleming, Jose Angel Flores, Charles T Foner, Sara Fulton, Lucas M Gonzalez, Ryan P Griffin, Jacob Giuliano, Heidi Ann Hartwig, Johan Alexis Hernandez, Chau Hoang, Steven J Horton, Keilani M Howery, Kyra Jencks, Krista Adele Johnson, Chizuru Kamiuttanai, Alexandria Grace Kapsalis, Morgan Lynn Karolus, Sarya Kiran, Kayleigh B Kozlowski, Sarah  Krupke, Mila Rose Kvasnicka, Andrea Elaine Larson, Renee K Larson, Rachael Moselle Leifheit, Shelly Ann Levine, Sarah Esther Long, Erik Lopez, Cristopher Luna, Diana T Mazur, Xica  McClain, Josiah  McCroskey, Timothy William McMahon, Grace M Mirotznik, Gabriela Melissa Vianka Isabel Mercado-Corona, Alina Ann Mohr, Akoua Rachel Mombou, Diaz Morales, Ernest J Mueller, Sally Kaelin Mullis, Sibhan I Murphy-Faulkner, Matthew Nederbo, Dawn L Nelson, Philip D Oliver, Garrett Bryce Poff, Savannah Price, Haley  Puffenbarger, Julianna  Orellana, Jair Mahali Granados Ramirez, Brittany E Remington, Richard Rojas, Ashley Victoria Rusho, Taelor Nicole Schmitz, Karen Marie Seibert, Nicholas P Shay, Michael J Sinnott, Phillip Andrew Skokowski, Marc A Soto, Victoria Ghisolfi Mendes Souza, Phillip A Steinberg, Hannah Christina Sutter, Jarius L Tarver, Holly Elizabeth Trapp, Trevor M Taylor, Nick C Valianos, Michael  Vanderstappen, David William Welch, Amanda  Wendt, Chloe Christine Wester, Kayla  Wester, Philip Daniel Wilson, Xingtian Wu, Donnarose Yancy and Daniel Ryan Yonke;

Dixon: Aimee M Hoffman and Katherine Hoffman;

Durand: Caleb Wilburn Combs;

Earlville: Katelyn Gail Schilling;

Esmond: Casey R Kivikko and Dominic Swanson;

Franklin Grove: Casey Marie Lafrentz;

Genoa: Kylie Morgan Dalby, David L Fromi, Anthony Michael Giorno, Donald James Johnson, Laura Anne Kohler, Haley Morgan Kohout, Jesus Lara-Parra, Jayna L Masters, Feliz Gabriel May, Patricia M Mendoza, Christy Schroeder, Aubrey R Schuls-Trongeau, Jennah N Smith, Lauren A Walker and Robert Whitten;

Kingston: Heather A Edwards, Hannah Michelle Harland, Alissa M Lacko, Katelynn Kinsman, Jessica Diane Rodriguez-Lopez and Emma Rose Wille;

Kirkland: Stephanie M Anderson, Jeremy Kent Heilman and Lexie D Leffelman;

Lindenwood: Chelsea Mary Marks, Candace Elaine McMurray, Conrad Benjamin Milton, and Britney Irene Salinas;

Loves Park: Lakeia V Knight;

Malta: Arthur Bettis, Oscar Cabral, Brandon Albert Johnson, Janetta Marie Martina, Adaline C.G. Miner, Jennifer Renee Parker, Claire Plapp and Noah Dominic Smith;

Marengo: Andrew Michael Driver and Zachary Ryan Harris;

Mendota: Amanda M Winn;

Mount Morris: Allison B Page, Jared L Pottorff and Felisha S Toran;

North Aurora: Miles L Venere;

Oak Lawn: Gabriel S. Simeon;

Oregon: Kristen L Abramowicz, Brandi Marie Anderson, Sheila Donmeyer, Clare E Foust, Madalyn Elizabeth Klein, Victoria G Lints, Mason J Tomash, Sophie Charlotte West, Jordan Wilkins and Amy Ladawn Willard;

Oswego: Isaiah James Thomas;

Paw Paw: Julia Bonnie Hoelzer, Gabriel K.C. Johnston, Haley Grace Oros and Alexandra A Soto;

Polo: Valeria Carla Viteri-Pflucker;

Rochelle: Callie Ackland, Carley Ackland, Jaycee L Benson, Chad M Brooks, Kaylie  Clark, Arianna M Dickson, Shannon N Fore, Sandra L Galvan, Alexander Gaytan, Heather Giza, Mariela Arteaga Godina, Lori Ann Hammelman, Stephanie Nicole Hardcastle, Cassandra Lynn Harris, Brooke Danielle Hatfield, Micah Joseph Helgeson, Shantal R Howlett, Michael Andrew Klecka, Laura Angelica Lopez, Matthew C Malaker, Katherine J Mosher, Gonzalo Comrado Ortega, Diana Karina Penaran, Henry Penaran, Valerie M Perkins, Caroline Basye Brown Reidenbach, Kevin K Smith, Caitlyn Marie Stanbery, Cynthia A Sweger, Preston Lee Turner and Ryan Matthew Winterton;

Rockford: Omar Rashid Abed Alfattah, Steven Hessenius and Toby M Moore;

Shabbona: Kristina M Franklin, Megan Devereaux Johnston and Connor Linus Murphy;

Steward: Ashley Suzanne Delhotal;

Streamwood: Keith Shank;

Sycamore: Damian Edward Aguilera, Tamjid  Azad, Riley Anthony Baert, Aaron T Beary, Carolyn A Blanken, Kyle E Boyer, Noah Brock, Melanie Ann Brown, Brian E Buddinger, Rhiannon R Bugna, Jake Daniel Carani, Maryrose Therese Cochran, William R Dancey, Carrie Rae Dominguez, Shelby  Duncan, Ronald L Edwards, Emily N Egerman, Emily  Enriquez, Kaylee M Erickson, Annie K Ferguson, Hannah Dianne Flaherty, Lee Ann Foresman, Gavin P Forsberg, Morgana Jean Gandsey, Bethany  Gisseler, Adam Owen Goodman, Zoe Taylor Grimes, Denise  Grudecki, Danielle L Grum, Myrna F Guerrero, Melissa Gutierrez-Ortiz, Tyler Nathanial Hill, Cooper J Hoffman, Rebecca Lyn Hungerford, Jenna L Johnson, Lindsey Ann Knoll, William K Kroeger, Lindsey  Kwidzinski, Dominic Raphael Lesniewski, Zachary Lewis, Steven Michael Matuszewski, Sarah M McAnally, Douglas Ethan McClain, Meaghan Kathleen McFatridge, Gina Marie Miller, Thomas S Mitchell, Lindsey Nicole Neal, Wesley James Newton, Treyvor S Ney, Jennifer Rose Noreiko, Faith Kenzie O'Higgins, Julia  Perezchica, Meghan K Pinter, Jaedyn Brianne Rager, Jacob Tyler Rajterowski, Kaylie Marie Rapp, Deborah A Rennels, Elissa Pamela Reynolds, Rose M Reynolds, Leslie Rena Scidmore, Alex J Selig, Jenna Hardt Stockl, Kelly M Vanderheyden, Trever John Van Us, Allyson Elizabeth Versluys, Madison N Vonderlinden, Scott  Wagley, Emelia Elizabeth Waugh, Raymond  Wehr and Deanna R Zimmerman;

Waterman: Shayla Raye Koehler, Chelsea Monica Lingl, Tara Ann Richardson and Alan M Suiter;

West Brooklyn: Nichol Ryan Dossett;

Yorkville: Kelly Ann Krajec and Megan Wollenweber.

January 25, 2018

The Office of Student Services at Kishwaukee College has announced the students named to the Fall 2017 Deans List.

To be eligible for Dean’s List honors, a student must have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours (at the 100/200 level) during an academic term at Kish with a semester GPA (grade point average) of 3.50 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

The following Kishwaukee College students have been named to the official Fall 2017 Dean’s List:

Arlington Heights: Nicholas Martin Zyskowski;

Ashton: Lauren Elise Meurer;

Bolingbrook: Cyrus Dale Clark;

Byron: Jenna R Winterton;

Capron: Charles Michael Johnson;

Chana: Brenna Lynnae Berns and Joseph Catalano;

Chicago Heights: Kevin G Lozano;

Clare: Lori G Drake, Tammy L Dreves and Katherine P Salis;

Compton: Alicia Kay Cooper;

Cortland: Susanna M Eschbach, Charles R Gatbunton, James Gillard, Jacob Ihm, Sara Kennedy, Serene S Labadi, Jessica Ann Long, Alexis Madrigal, Alvaro Munos, Victoria D Pham, and Michael Aaron Stockl;

Creston: Noah Patrick Allgeyer, Abigail C Kerns, Ashley M Kerns, and Sarah Marie Swinton;

Crystal Lake: Kevin M Wolfe;

Davis Junction: Mallory Renee Mershon;

DeKalb: Alea J Akers, Bradley Joseph Allen, Kyle Marcelus Anderson, Paige Anderson, Kerim Annameredov, Nehemiah A Armstrong, Arron-John Desmond Atkinson, Gabrielle Bogolin, Ashleigh Nicole Braun, Charles Noel Brindley, Diamonique K Brown, Joshua  Brown, Dakota  Byrn, Jun Y Chen, Nicholas Robert Davis, Kimberly J Fairbanks, Lanee R Faivre, Matthew Xavier Fazekas, Logan Charles Freeman, Dustin A Fultz, Grant Everett Gette, Lauren K Hagelstein, Reed Hall, Dustin Adam Hayes, Lisa Holland, Mark W Hoppenworth, Finn Hostetler, Austin W Isham, Justene N Jennings, Troy Anthony Johnson, Nicholas John Kemmler, Katherine Rose Koca, Andrew Flynn Kozinski, Alyssa Kutz, Thomas W Lambert, Eden Raquel Latham, Riley A Latimer, Caryn Anne Lehocky, Samuel T Lepien, Victoria Jo Leverton, Soscha M Lucero, Abby Dianne Masters, Ryan J McCord, Ada Mayrel Mendez, Larry D Miller, Nailah S Mobley, Alyse Mommer, Sandra C Morales, Jack Timothy Murphy, Christopher Logan Nesemeier, Emily Anne Olson, Oscar  Paramo, Rebecca Leann Paxton, Heather Marie Penniman, Jessica  Plessner, Ataur Rab, Robert Charles Redel, Amanda A Regez, Victoria Resendiz, Stephanie Roach, Trisha Lee Roser, Samuel D Rouw, Khadija Sadia, Sarah Margaret Seibert, Gabriela Serna, Kaitlin Paige Shumaker, Amber Rose Siwe, Elizabeth D Small, Dylan Keith Smith, Lily Catherine Smith-Riel, Larisa Smits, Whitney N Sprague, Joshua L Starr, Danielle L Stiles, Urska Suligoj, Alexandra Victoria Swatkowski, Eric Michael Swineheart, Reynaldo Torres, Jorge Mauricio Trejo, Chi-Chun Emily Tsai, Alec Christopher Tworek, Mary Kristin Veloz, Anne  Von Arx, Zachary Lansing Wagner, Kevin Daniel Warren, Melanie Florence Yaeger, Chad M Young and Willis W Yurs;

Elgin: Carson R Garcia and Sean Conner Roedel;

Esmond: Levi P Johnson;

Freeport: Stephan P Wiest;

Genoa: Nicholas Walter Adamczyk, Steven William Baker, Kira L Bensinger, Scott W Benzinger, Sean P Berna, Sarah D Brown, Elizabeth J Buschbacher, Trevor Lee Carroll, Brett M Devine, Skylar  Doherty, Ryan Gregory Gehringer, Kathryn M Graff, Devin Nicole Guard, Thomas Andrew Hansen, Elizabeth Lorraine Hanson, Kelly M Heuser, Sydney Elizabeth Kaitchuck, Juan Ismael Lechuga, Brandon James Mangum, Amela Music, Jose Luis  Ocelotl, Christian D Ordlock, Derrick Brett Petruchuis, Chase Evan Rogers, Jacob Mahlon Schweitzer, Gabrielle  Wagner, Hannah  Whitten, and Elizabeth Anne Whittenhall;

Hinckley: Morgan F Grivetti;

Holcomb: Brittany Ann Spears;

Kingston: Bailey Boehmer, Kimberley Cheyenne Dabros, Christina Fisher, Chloe Gutierrez, James W Haberstich, Megan Blake Renwick, Savannah R Strohacker, Tasia Nicole Trombley, Cayla Rose Winters, Dexter Lyle Wright and Edwin Yockey;

Kirkland: Heather Bruyr, Molly E Freund, Kortney Mae Jones and Sean P Hines;

Lee: Brandon Paul Griffith, David J Faivre, Richard P Ragan, Amber Shafer and Natalie L Swanson;

Lindenwood: Colton A Beaird, Rachel Rebecca Goffinet, Chandler A Hall and Cole Benjamin Lentz;

Loves Park: Arllisa M Engelbrecht;

Machesney Park: Cole A Damon, Danny C Kaiser and Ashlynn May Tinsley;

Malta: Peter Challand, Cristy L Piwowar-Hein and Irisa Joy Hescott;

Marengo: Andrew Patrick Anchor, Belemino Andrade, Bailey Reid Miller, Christian D Resenbeck and Cade A Simon;

Mount Morris: Allyson Michelle Bartling, Dylan Joseph Geesey and Matthew David Chance Slouka;

Oregon: Devon T Buza, Krista M Heng, Spencer Hoyt Horn, Dominic Marchetti, Abigail Louise Martin, Haley M Mizner, Johnathan Gabriel Prose, Maria P Tranchina and Hailey Ariana White;

Paw Paw: Antonio Solis, Bethany J Strohman and William Scott Zeman;

Rochelle: Megan E Ackland, Celeste I Almaraz, Veronica Jane Avolio, Presleigh Eugenie Belt, Terry Lynn Bunger, Daniel Richard Carlson, Esdras Esau Castillo, Alexis Jill Chappa, Aaron R Davis, Katelyn A Gabbard, Joshua Ivan Gallinar, Bryan Emmanuel Garcia, Hannah Noel Goodnite, Landon R Griffith,  Fabian Hueramo, Jennifer N Johnson, Tiffani P Johnson, Lauren Nicole Kalata, Jaelyn M Kammes, Colin J Kee, Nathan Douglas Keys, Mason T Lamb, Nancy Lopez Torres, Daniel Walter McAnly, Miguel Monroy, Christine J Newman-Askins, Tiffany R Newman-Askins, Allison Marie Nixon, Brianna Elizabeth Ochoa, Jasmyn N Patterson, Ellaine Maria Pontes Correia, Jake Edward Rodriguez, Victoria J Rodriguez Cynthia Ann Roushia, Jose Manuel Salinas, Emily J Scheel, Tariq Ramal Thomas, Reagan L Todd, Alison G Valdivieso, Tyler A Vogt and Michael Joseph Zurbuch;

Rockford: Richele L Harmon and Logan Lamere;

Sandwich: Phillip Arthur Hensel and Andrew C Stone;

Shabbona: Elizabeth M Cursio, Caylee L Greer, Holly Kathleen Rood, Olin Wesley Simpson and Alexandria V Turner;

Steward: Caleb Gould and Lindsey Morgan Miller;

Stillman Valley: Alison R Seiler;

Sublette: Joyce A Papiech;

Sycamore: Melissa Ambrozewski, Colton C Bradt, Keegan B Callahan, Anna C Cantrell, Morgan Marie Culton, Joel E Dodson, Zachary William Dodson, Cory W Ernest, Kerisa Evenson, Gracie A Fischer, Anthony R Gentile, Bryce Richard Hansen, Alexander J Hawkins, Jennifer Hays, Stewart Brooks Hepker, Madeline Christine Humm, Cameron Mitchell Kelley, Alison N Kelly, Jacob Robert Madden, Essie Renee McMahon, Andrew M Novak, Samuel James Alvin Overlin, Kathryn E Parsons, Miranda N Perri, Riley  Powers, Sandra P Ragsdale, Phoebe M Regnery, Brianna M Rennels, Nicholas J Roquet, Victoria Paige Ruud, Allison G Schmidt, Ashley D Sexton, Tanya D Staggs, Elizabeth Rose Swedberg, Joseph Michael Tucker, Eriq Gene D Walker and Stephanie Ann Wisner;

Waterman: Breanna L Henry and Marie Lynn Meskimen-Esser;

Paw Paw: Mariah Erin Mahon;

Port Saint Lucie, FL: Trevor S Sanchez.

December 19, 2017

Kishwaukee College has announced the candidates for graduation for Fall 2017. Graduation Honors are indicated after the certificate or degree for each graduate. Honors and degrees for the Fall 2017 candidates for graduation are contingent on final transcript evaluation of Fall 2017 grades. Graduation Honors are divided into three categories based on final cumulative grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale: summa cum laude – GPA between 3.75-4.0; magna cum laude – GPA between 3.5-3.749; cum laude – GPA between 3.25-3.499.  Students who fulfill requirements for a Certificate and have a final cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher are awarded a Certificate with Distinction. “PTK” designates membership in Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for students in two-year colleges and “HNR” indicates the student is graduating from the Honors Program.

The following students are the candidates for graduation for Fall 2017 from Kishwaukee College:

Addison:         Hanif E Lopez, Electronics Technology, AAS;                                              

Aurora:            Ryan Gregory Frisk, Paramedic, AAS, Summa Cum Laude;                       

Blue Island:     Parkland Andre Beard, CERT, Collision Repair;                                                       

Chicago:          Davona L. Dupee, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                     

                        Laura Taylor, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                

 Chicago Heights:  Joshua M. Brown, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                           

 Cortland:         Nicole Leigh Braun, Associate in Science;                                                     

                        Hunter M. Harris, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                     

                        Heather Rose Keding, Registered Nursing, AAS, PTK;

                        Peyton McAllister, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                                  

                        Jonathan E. Ostland, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                     

                        Heather Nicole Pardridge, Associate in Science;                                                        

                        Samantha Marie Parker, Associate in Science;                                                           

                        Michael Aaron Stockl, Associate in Science;                                                 

                        Joseph L. Stone, CERT, EMT;                                                          

                        Lynette R Stone, Associate in Science;                                                          

Creston:           Noah Patrick Allgeyer, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                            

                        Kendra Nikole Struven, Registered Nursing, AAS, Associate in Science;                                                    

Davis Junction:  Alondra Villa, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                        

Decatur:           Bryan Jordan Horath, Associate in Arts;                                                       

 DeKalb:           Matthew Graham Baker, Associate in Science;                                                          

                        Catherine Banda, CERT, EMT;                                                          

                        Robert Michael Bartoni, Associate in Science;                                                           

                        Mary Margaret Boyce, Associate in Science;                                                 

                        Ashleigh Nicole Braun, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                          

                        Willis Carl Brei, Associate in Science;                                                           

                        Katia Brindis, Associate in Science;                                                   

                        David Jeremy Brinn, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude;                        

                        Somer Camille Brown, AAS, Registered Nursing;                                        

                        Matthew John Buehler, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                       

                        Josh M Burzynski, Electronics Technology, AAS, Associate in Science;                                        

                        Catherine Steele Camacho, Criminal Justice-General, AAS, Cum Laude,                                                
                                    CERT, Criminal Investigations, With Distinction,                             

                                    CERT, Criminal Justice Management, With Distinction,                               

                                    CERT, Social Role of Law Enforcement, With Distinction;                           

                        Laura E. Castillo-Hernandez, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                          

                        Paje Briana Causey, Associate in Arts;                                                          

                        Jun Yu Chen, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;                             

                        Clint Cain Coleman, Associate in Arts;                                                          

                        Tia M Coleman, Associate in Arts;                                                    

                        Mark Cook, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                                 

                        Kelsey Cooper, Associate in Science, Cum Laude, HNR, PTK;

                        Emily Rose Corbin, Associate in Science, Cum Laude, CERT, EMT;                                              

                        Emelia M. Diamond, CERT, EMT;                                                           

                        Jonathan Sterling Doty, Associate in Arts;                                                    

                        Richard Carl Dreier, CERT, Sustainable Horticulture, With Distinction;                                           

                        Brittney Ann Ferguson, Associate in Arts;                                                           

                        Jose A. Flores, CERT, EMT;                                                 

                        Demonta Lorenzo Foster, Associate in Science;                                                        

                        Hana Marie Green, Associate in Arts;                                               

                        Blair E Hallgren, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                     

                        Nancy C Harrolle, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                                   

                        Johan Alexis Hernandez, Associate in Arts;                                                  

                        Maria Danitza Hernandez, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                                

                        Brian Edward Hewson, Diesel Power Technology, AAS, Summa Cum Laude,                                        

                                    CERT, Basic Diesel Power/Equipment Repair, With Distinction,                                                      

                                    CERT, Diesel Power/Equipment Repair, With Distinction;                           

                        Jessica Jo Hoiness, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                             

                        Wade Thomas Holcomb, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                            

                        Lisa Holland, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude,                              

                                    CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;                               

                        Mikaella Mary Hudspeth, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                   

                        Brianna Janiece Jackson, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                          

                        Marietto Jeffries, Networking & Systems Administration, AAS;                              

                        Latrice Renee Johnson, Associate in Science;                                                

                        Ciara C Jones, CERT, Automated Industrial Tech;                                                    

                        Shalana Elaine Jones, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;                                            

                       Crystal Dawn Judkins, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;                          

                        Alexandria G. Kapsalis, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                                    

                        Kathlene Rose Keleher, Associate in Arts;                                               

                        Nicholas John Kemmler, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude;                             

                        Sarya Kiran, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction, PTK;

                        Jake Kuykendall, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                         

                        Carla Marie Lemons, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                           

                        Qing Li, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                          

                        Edgar G Lopez, Associate in Arts;                                         

                        Stefanie Marie Lopez, Nursing, AAS, PTK;

                        Holden P. Mackey, CERT, EMT;                                                      

                        Lydia Maronga, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                        

                        Avery Royce Maxwell, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                           

                        Xica April McClain, Criminal Justice-General, AAS, Cum Laude,                           

                                    CERT, Criminal Investigations, With Distinction,                             

                                    CERT, Criminal Justice Management, With Distinction,                               

                                    CERT, Social Role of Law Enforcement;                                                       

                     Mykia Domonique Merchant, Associate in Arts;                                                       

                     Haley R Metcalf, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;                        

                     Ashley Lynne Meyer, Associate in Arts;                                                       

                     Sandra Colleen Morales, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude, PTK;

                     Sandrine M. Mujinga, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                       

                    Christopher Logan Nesemeier, Associate in Science;                        

                    Jessica M. Otis, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                        

                    Polly Peebles, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                               

                   Stephanie Nicole Phelan, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                     

                   Rayanne E. Power, CERT, EMT;                                                      

                   Devin Pringle, Associate in Science;                                                  

                  James Randle IV, Associate in Science;                                                         

                   Gonzalo Rico, Associate in Science;                                                  

                   Chase L Riley, Associate in Arts, PTK;

                   Oscar Rodriguez, Associate in Science;                                                         

                   Richard Rojas-Chavez, Criminal Justice-General, AAS, Summa Cum Laude,                      

                              CERT, Criminal Investigations, With Distinction,                             

                              CERT, Criminal Justice Management, With Distinction,                               

                              CERT, Social Role of Law Enforcement, With Distinction;                           

                  Ashley Victoria Rusho, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                          

                  Tyler M Russell, Associate in Arts;                                                   

                  Doris C Saile, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                                 

                  Samantha D Scanlan, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                          

                  Natalie E. Simpson, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                  

                  Kelsey Lorie Sipp, Associate in Science;                                                       

                  Anita S Smith, CERT, Application Specialist, With Distinction;                               

                  Jared M Smith, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                            

                  Kaylon Nicholas Smith, Associate in Science;                                                           

                  Kiefer Walter Smolarczyk, Associate in Arts;                                                

                  Hampton M Stephens, Associate in Science;                                                 

                  Urian Tapia, Associate in Science;                                                     

                  Trevor M Taylor, Registered Nursing, AAS, Summa Cum Laude,  Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;                            

                  Brenna A. Thomas, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                   

                 Raynetta K Thomas, Associate in Science;                                                    

                 Nick C Valianos, Registered Nursing, AAS, Magna Cum Laude;                            

                 Michael William Vanderstappen, Computer Information Systems, AAS, Cum Laude,  

                              CERT, PC Technician;                                                           

                 Jared David Vasquez, Associate in Arts;                                                       

                 Katherine Diane Watson-Spearman, Associate in Arts;                        

                 Ocean Lyric Wells, Associate in Science;                                                      

                 Kourtney Nicole Wiley, Registered Nursing, AAS, Magna Cum Laude;

                 Quentin Avery Wilson, Associate in Arts;                                                     

                 Jason Byron Wise, Associate in Science;                                                       

                Jamie Alexandra Works, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                            

                 Lonzell Theodore Wright, Associate in Arts;                                                 

                 Sara Yasmeen, Associate in Arts;                                                      

                Chad Young, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude, PTK;

                 Ivon Chino Fuentes, Associate in Science;                                                    

                Hunter Stephen Seaquist, Associate in Science;                                                         

Dixon: Aimee M Hoffman, Hort Sustainable/General, AAS, Summa Cum Laude;                                                                                                       

Elgin:   Tabatha A Smith, Associate in Science;                                                         

Franklin Grove:  Casey Marie Lafrentz, Registered Nursing, AAS, Summa Cum Laude;                                                                                                                            

Genoa:  Trevor Lee Carroll, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                                  

                  Kara Marie Dalby, Associate in Science;                                                       

                  Darlene Dawidziak-Herrmann, CERT, EMT;                                                

                   Brett M Devine, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                          

                   Cali L Hamm, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                                 

                   Brock Edmund Heiniger, CERT, Basic Welding Technology, With Distinction;                               

                   Sydney Elizabeth Kaitchuck, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude, HNR, PTK;

                  Feliz Gabriel May, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;                                    

                  Joshua A Michael, Associate in Science;                                                           

                  Amela Music, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude, PTK;

                  Christian D Ordlock, Associate in Arts;                                                        

                  Jessalyn Ranelle Palmer, Associate in Science;                                                          

                  Federico Parra-Avila, CERT, Basic Welding Technology;                                                            

                  Alyssa Ann Peters, Associate in Science;                                                          

                  Christy Schroeder, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;                        

                  Megan L Theiner, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude, PTK;

                  Brandon Dale Trupp, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                              

                   Robert Whitten, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude, PTK;


Kingston:     Kimberley Cheyenne Dabros, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                                         

                    Amberlee Marie Fowler, Associate in Science;                                                      

                    Hannah Maria Hehn, Associate in Science;                                                   

                    Karli L Lancaste, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                         

                    Jessica D. Rodriguez-Lopez, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;                                

     Kirkland:   Abigail Jazmine Garcia, Associate in Arts;                                                    

                        Jeremy K. Heilman, CERT, EMT;                                                     

                        LeAnne Denise Leffelman, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                         

                        Lexie Denise Leffelman, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;                        


Malta:              Arthur Bettis, CERT, Basic Automotive Technology, With Distinction;                                           

                        Dustin Joseph Castillo, Horticulture Floral Design, AAS;                                          

                        Irisa Joy Hescott, Associate in Science;                                                         

                        Adaline C. Miner, CERT, EMT;                                                        

                        Cristy L Piwowar-Hein, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;                         

                        Jim Showalter, CERT, EMT;                                                 

Maple Park:     Alyssa Lynn Hemmerich, Associate in Science;                                                      

Maywood:       Jada Marie Coleman, Associate in Science, Cum Laude, PTK;

Mendota:         Breanne Lacy Fultz, Associate in Science;                                                     

Montgomery: Sydney Ann Hanchett, Associate in Arts;                                                       

Mount Morris: Allyson Michelle Bartling, Associate in Science;                                                      

                       Dezeray A. Wolfe, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                   

Paw Paw:        Mariah Erin Maho, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;               

                        Nicolette June Michaels, Office Systems, AAS, Cum Laude;                                   

Plainfield:        Mitchell Cale Rudas, Associate in Science;                                                   

Rochelle:         Suzi Albers, Registered Nursing, AAS, Associate in Science;                                                          

                       Jeniveve D Beck, Registered Nursing, AAS, Magna Cum Laude;                          

                       Brendan J Beyer, CERT, Basic Welding Technology;                                                                       

                       Erika Cabral, Associate in Science;                                                           

                       Rachel E. Carson, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                     

                       Alexis Sue Charbonneau, Associate in Science;                                                        

                       Miranda Jean Daugherty, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                    

                       Angela Eugena Davis, Automotive Technology, AAS, Magna Cum Laude, PTK,

                       Patricia Ann Dickson, Registered Nursing, AAS, Associate in Science;                                           

                       Alexa J. Simmons, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                          

                       Sandra Luz Galvan, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;                          

                       Emmanuel Garcia, Associate in Science;                                                        

                       Geovanny Javier Garcia, Associate in Science;                                                          

                       Hannah Noel Goodnite, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;                               

                       Micah Joseph Helgeson, Associate in Arts, Summa Cum Laude,                             

                                    CERT, PC Technician, With Distinction;                               

                       Ahllam A Khattab, Associate in Science;                                                       

                       Max William Kubale, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                              

                       Heather L. Loyd, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                       

                       Chelsea Nally, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                           

                       Jasmyn Nicole Patterson, Associate in Science;                                                         

                       Diana Karina Penaran, Associate in Science, Cum Laude, PTK;

                       Hadeel Sbeih, Associate in Science;                                                   

                       Pablo Manuel Silva, Associate in Science;                                                     

                       Skylar Jerry Struven, Associate in Science;                                                   

                       Tariq Ramal Thomas, Associate in Science;                                                   

                       Hannah Catherine Thompson, Hort Sustainable/General, AAS, Summa Cum Laude, Hort Greenhouse, AAS, Summa Cum Laude, PTK;

                        Nolan G Turner, CERT, Collision Repair;                                                     

                        Preston Lee Turner, Associate in Science;                                                     

                        Jasmil Z. Valdivia, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                    

                        Victoria Josefine Rodriguez, Criminal Justice-General, AAS, Magna Cum Laude,                                      

                                   CERT, Criminal Justice Management, With Distinction,                                  

                                    CERT, Social Role of Law Enforcement, With Distinction;                           


Rockford:        Maxwell J Gastel, Automotive Technology, AAS, Magna Cum Laude;                                           

                       Mallory A. McPherson, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                                                                                                                          

Saybrook:       Brittany Lee Weber, Associate in Science;                                                     


Shabbona:       Kendall Ryen Cies, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                             

                        Trevor R Foster, Associate in Arts;                                                   

Steward:          Daniel W Childers, Associate in Science;                                                      

                        Kelly Jo Wakefield, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;                         

Stillman Valley:  Danielle M Schabacker, Registered Nursing, AAS;           

Sycamore:       Bianca A Alcantar, Associate in Arts;                                                

                        Brandon Joseph Barber, Paramedic, AAS, Summa Cum Laude,                              

                                    CERT, Paramedic Certificate, With Distinction;                                 

                        Christina Berry, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                       

                        Ashly Nicole Bieche, Associate in Arts;                                                        

                        Nancy R Bobulski, CERT, Application Specialist, With Distinction;                                    

                        Michelle Lynn Brandeis, Registered Nursing, AAS, Magna Cum Laude, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                             

                        Brian Eugene Buddinger, Associate in Arts;                                                  

                        Rhiannon R Bugna, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                             

                        MaryRose Therese Cochran, Registered Nursing, AAS, Magna Cum Laude, PTK;

                        Michael D Dean, Associate in Science;                                                          

                        Jakob Hughes Dodson, Associate in Arts;                                                    

                        Lailani B Elumba, Associate in Science, Cum Laude;                        

                        Cory W Ernest, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude, PTK;

                        Jacqueline Marie Espy, CERT, Administrative Assistant, With Distinction,                                     

                                          CERT, Application Specialist, With Distinction;                             

                        Emma Nicole Fischer, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                             

                        Timothy Paul Forster, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                         

                        Desmond C. Green, CERT, EMT;                                                     

                        Alexa Nicole Johnson, Associate in Arts;                                                      

                        Julianna J. Koch, CERT, EMT;                                                         

                        William K Kroeger, Associate in Arts;                                                          

                        Maelissa Elin Larson, Associate in Science, Magna Cum Laude;                             

                        Dominic Raphael Lesniewski, Associate in Science;                                                 

                        Meaghan K. McFatridge, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                                  

                        Kennydhits S McNamara, Associate in Science;                                                  

                        Amanda Marie Neill, Associate in Arts;                                                        

                        Tara Ozehowski, Associate in Arts, Summa Cum Laude, PTK;

                        Julia Perezchica, Associate in Arts;                                                    

                        Miranda Nicole Perri, Associate in Science, Summa Cum Laude;                             

                        Kaylie Marie Rapp, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                        

                        Anthony Micheal Reich, Diesel Power Technology, AAS,                                       

                                    CERT, Basic Diesel Power/Equipment Repair,                                                                                  

                                    CERT, Diesel Power/Equipment Repair;                                          

                        Trevor A. Rennels, CERT, EMT;                                                      

                        Elissa Pamela Reynolds, Associate in Arts, Cum Laude;                              

                        Lauren Fay Riebel, Associate in Science;                                                       

                        Justin T Roesner, Associate in Science;                                                         

                        Jennifer Ruiz, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                

                        Yeny P. Schwartz, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting;                                                    

                        Alex J Selig, CERT, Traffic Investigations, With Distinction;                                   

                        Spencer Louise Siebeck, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude;                              

                        Jesenia Anet Velez, Registered Nursing, AAS, Summa Cum Laude;                                   

                       Abeo Walter, Associate in Arts;                                                         

Waterman:       Abigail Hope Feith, Associate in Science;                                                     

                        Chelsea M. Lingl, CERT, Basic Nurse Assisting, With Distinction;                         

                        Kristen Elizabeth McRoberts, Registered Nursing, AAS;                                         

Woodstock:     Trevor Daniel Nomm, Associate in Arts, Summa Cum Laude, PTK;

Clermont, FL:  Nicole Lorraine Colón, Registered Nursing, AAS, Cum Laude;                               

Woodbury, MN: Kimberly Anne Plumley-Conboy, Associate in Arts, Magna Cum Laude.

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September 13, 2017

Kishwaukee College is proud to announce the establishment of the Student Success Scholarship. During their regularly scheduled meeting on September 12, the Kishwaukee College Board of Trustees unanimously voted to approve a Student Success Scholarship that gives back to the students enrolled for the 2017-2018 school year. Students who successfully complete their credit-bearing courses will receive a special scholarship equal to half of the per credit hour tuition increase approved by the Board in March 2017. 

Bob Johnson, Chair of the Board, stated, “Because Illinois showed no progress toward resolving the state budget crisis last March, we voted to increase the in-district tuition rate by $10 per credit hour for the 2017-2018 school year. It was something we thought about and debated but saw no other way through the state budget impasse. We reluctantly passed the increase at our March meeting. In July, when a state budget was voted in place, we knew we wanted to do something to give back to our students.”

According to the state budget passed in July for Fiscal Year 2017 and Fiscal Year 2018, Kishwaukee College is scheduled to receive an additional $2.8 million and approximately $5 million, respectively.

The Student Success Scholarship will automatically be awarded to all students who are enrolled in credit-bearing courses and who complete their courses with a letter grade of A, B, or C. There are several programs at Kish that have a differential tuition base. Students will be reimbursed with the differential tuition taken into account. The Scholarship amounts will be: $5 per credit hour for general coursework; $7.50 per credit hour for programs that have a 1.5 differential tuition rate; and $10 per credit hour for programs that have a 2.0 differential tuition rate.

For the Fall 2017 semester, the Student Success Scholarship will be deposited in student accounts at the end of the term after grades have been posted. The scholarship funds can be applied toward the Spring 2018 semester or students will receive a refund check for the scholarship amount if they do not re-enroll for the Spring 2018 semester.

The Board also approved other ways to give back to students including waiving all user fees for the campus Wellness Center, discounts in the College Bookstore for Kish “spirit wear,” and food vouchers for use in Kish Café.

For more information on the Student Success Scholarship, visit

September 13, 2017

The path from Kishwaukee College to Northern Illinois University recently got a bit easier with the completion of a Guaranteed Admissions Agreement (GAP) between the two schools.

The GAP program allows students to be admitted to both schools simultaneously which provides access to Counselors/Academic Advisors at both institutions to keep them on their academic track. The dual enrollment helps ensure a seamless transition for the students between the schools.

“We are pleased to be partnering with NIU on the GAP agreement. It is a great opportunity for our students,” said Dr. Laurie Borowciz, President of Kishwaukee College. “Students start at Kish for good reasons, including being undecided on a major and affordability. With fifty-five percent of our students transferring to NIU, it’s important that we work closely together to provide a seamless transition. It’s all about our mutual students achieving their educational goal.”

“There are thousands of people who are proud alumni of both Kishwaukee and Northern Illinois University,” says NIU Acting President Dr. Lisa Freeman. “We are delighted to forge this new agreement that will pave the way for thousands more.”

Under the terms of the agreement, high school graduates studying at Kishwaukee College, who maintain a grade point of 2.0 or better while completing transferable credits, are eligible to transfer into any of the more than 56 undergraduate degree programs at NIU. Students need to sign up for the program at least one year prior to their expected enrollment at NIU.

Students enrolled in the program also can:

• Enroll in the Honors Program at NIU if they maintain a grade point average of 3.2 or better at Kishwaukee College;

• Take advantage of a reverse transfer agreement that will allow students to apply coursework completed at NIU toward completion of their associate’s degree at Kishwaukee, at no additional cost;

• Apply to earn scholarships from NIU.

Participants in the program also receive regular updates from NIU about scholarship opportunities, financial aid deadlines, open houses, and have their application fee waived.

For more information on the Guaranteed Admissions Program email , or call 800-892-3050. Information can also be found on the website of the NIU Undergraduate Admissions at For information on Kishwaukee College, visit

September 8, 2017

Kishwaukee College prides itself on being responsive to the needs of the communities which it serves. In doing so, the College is continually soliciting feedback from key stakeholders, including its most important group, the students. 

Since 2011, the Office of Institutional Research has conducted a Student Satisfaction Survey every two years through Ruffalo Noel Levitz.  The survey helps the College gather feedback from students and provides national benchmarks on key issues. The latest survey conducted in Spring of 2017 shows Kishwaukee College is going in the right direction, according to students. Matthew Crull, Director of Research and Data Management at Kish, said, “In the four Surveys administered over the past six years, Spring 2017 exhibited the highest level of satisfaction ever recorded at Kishwaukee.”

He continued, “Kishwaukee College was above the national benchmarks for several items of student satisfaction. The College continues to do well in providing a welcoming, safe environment that provides easy and convenient registration and quality online services. This year saw another increase in the satisfaction ratings of quality and courtesy among the faculty and staff at the College.”

Other aspects of Kishwaukee College that the students noted improvement in were the state-of-the-art lab facilities on campus, accessibility to courses within the students’ program of study each semester and the ongoing feedback that students receive about their progress toward their academic goals.

The survey also identified some opportunities for improvement. Students want more classes offered at more convenient times, which is a common issue faced at all colleges.  Crull said, “The challenges faced still primarily include offering more sections at convenient times and in a wider variety of departments. Some of these things are logistical in nature—we can only offer a certain number of classes that meet at 10:00 in the morning, for example.” Additionally, students are joining other college students across the country in placing increased emphasis on cost and finding new ways to pay their tuition bills.

The results of the Student Satisfaction Survey are shared with the College’s Board of Trustees, Senior Leadership Team, and the faculty and staff.  Crull noted, “We want everyone to be aware of what we found from our students.” Crull will be evaluating and interpreting this year’s Student Satisfaction Survey results and adding his findings to reports to the College’s accreditation bodies and campus committees dedicated to Strategic Planning and Departmental Assessment.

The next Student Satisfaction Survey will be administered in Spring 2019. Until then, Crull summed up the 2017 findings, “We have excelled in being a college that students want to come to, find welcoming, meets their academic needs, helps them achieve their career goals, and are impressed with as they experience how much our instructors and front line personnel care about giving them a great experience at Kishwaukee College.”

For more information, visit

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December 23, 2015

The Kishwaukee College chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) held an induction ceremony on campus on Friday, December 18.  The NSLS chapter at Kishwaukee College was established in Fall 2014.  The chapter advisor is Allison Von Ende.

The mission of NSLS is to help students discover and achieve their goals. The Society, founded by Gary Tuerack, emphasizes the six steps of leadership: clarification of purpose, creation of a shared vision, challenge of the status quo, inspiration of positive action, empowerment of others, and continuous improvement.  The society was founded in 2001 and current has nearly 500,000 members at 478 colleges across the United States.

At the induction ceremony at Kishwaukee College, 36 students joined NSLS. Joining the Society in Fall 2015 are:

Chicago: Mykia Merchant;

Cortland: Gabriela Martinez, Flor Reyes;

DeKalb: Angelica Alcaraz, Jonathan Bell, Guadalupe Garcia, Megan Harris, Tania Harris, Christy Knobbe, Jose Morales, Kaitlin Robbins, Nilda Rodriguez, Savannah Washington;

Esmond: Litecia Swanson;

Freeport: Courtney Germain;

Genoa: Brett Devine;

Kirkland: Lambertus Schreur;

Plainfield: Bridget Sabor;

Oregon: Megan Mjoen, Courtney Tucker;

Rochelle:  Veronica Avolio, Chelsea Erickson, Erin Esgar, Briana Mickley, Kelsey Russell, Hadeel Sbeih, Marina Tague, Yareli Tenorio, Nathan Thompson;

Rockford: Michelle Markley;

Sterling: William McCormick;

Sycamore: Hailey Holt, Joshua Luke, Shannon Maher, Madison Schap;

Fort Myers, FL: Robert Embry.

For more information on the National Society of Leadership and Success, visit  For information on the NSLS chapter at Kishwaukee College, contact Allison Von Ende at 815-825-2086, ext. 5390 or at

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November 23, 2015

Ian Kidd, a student at Kishwaukee College, has been selected to receive a $1,000 scholarship from Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society as a 2015 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar.

 Kidd, Sycamore, is in his second year at Kishwaukee and is planning to continue his education after graduation to pursue his career goal of becoming a Mechanical Engineer. He is an active member of the campus community and is currently the co-president of the Alpha Rho Eta chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Kishwaukee College.

As a 2015 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholars, Kidd joins 207 Phi Theta Kappa members who have been awarded a total of $207,000 in scholarships. Chosen from more than 1,100 applications worldwide, the scholars receive scholarships of $1,000 each to further their associate degree studies. Independent judges evaluate the applications based on scholastic achievement, community service and leadership potential.

The Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholarship Program provides new Phi Theta Kappa members with financial resources to help defray educational expenses while enrolled in associate degree programs. Scholars are also encouraged to assume leadership roles by participating in Society programs.

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation provides $200,000 in funding for the scholarships, with $25,000 set aside for members who are veterans or active members of the U.S. military. The remaining amount is supported by donations to the Phi Theta Kappa Foundation and provides Leaders of Promise Global Scholarships, earmarked for international students.

"The funds provided by the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation not only aid college completion, but provide students with the opportunity to engage in Society programs and develop leadership skills to become future leaders in their communities,” said Dr. Nancy Rieves, CEO of the Phi Theta Kappa Foundation. “Research shows that Phi Theta Kappa members are four times more likely to complete a college degree than their peers.  The Leaders of Promise Scholarships recognize students for what they have achieved already and assure that financial need isn’t an obstacle to achieving their academic goals.”

"The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation has a long history of providing financial assistance to outstanding students at community colleges," said J. Mark Davis, President of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. "We are proud to partner with Phi Theta Kappa and make it possible for more deserving students to achieve their educational goals. Phi Theta Kappa members are proven scholars, engaged students who want to use their abilities to make a difference. In designating $200,000 for Leaders of Promise, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is supporting tomorrow's leaders of the global community."

Phi Theta Kappa, headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, is the largest honor society in higher education with 1,285 chapters on college campuses in all 50 of the United States, U.S. territorial possessions and eight sovereign nations. More than 3 million students have been inducted since its founding in 1918, with approximately 134,000 students inducted annually.

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June 20, 2016

Jaime Briner, DeKalb, can state without hesitation what the best part of her ELE 102 PC Maintenance and Repair class was. “I was able to gut a computer with no fear of the consequences. If the thing caught fire, it still would've been alright.”  Her statement is interesting especially in light of the fact that she began that semester a self-described novice: “I knew nothing of computers and that terrified me.”

On the other hand, Susanna Eschbach, Cortland, took ELE 102 because, unlike Jaime, she has always loved computers. “I was initially drawn to the class on how to fix computers. I then saw the fall syllabus for the computer technology major and the classes sounded interesting, so I signed up for the Fall semester of classes!”

Lucy Farley, DeKalb, has always been drawn to programs where she can use her hands as well as her mind. “I knew I was looking towards the Career Technologies division to call home during my two-year community college adventure,” she stated. “Once into my first Industrial Electricity and PLC courses things seemed to fall into place. With a vast and unique field such as Electronics, I have great optimism in finding a career path and position that seems as though it were tailored to fit me.”

Overseeing all this enthusiasm is Charles Raimondi, Electronics Technology instructor at Kishwaukee College. Charles is just completing his second year with Kish but is no stranger to the electronics classroom and lab – he came to the College with five years college teaching experience.

Electronics is a growing field and its complexity and intricacies are an attractive entryway into STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) fields for women. According to the Women's Bureau of the Department of Labor, women now comprise nearly 50% of all employees in the electronics industry and the demand for women in the field is growing rapidly.

Susanna is in the Computer Technology Program at Kish. “The first time you walk into an ELE class, you'll feel so overwhelmed. I'm half way through my second semester and I still feel that way a lot of the time. But then, if you persevere, you'll look back and be amazed at the amount of stuff you'll have learned and can do.”  She also credits Charles with making learning a combination of lecture and practical application in the lab. She said, “The mix makes sure that we understand both the practical and theoretical side of electronics.”

Lucy plans to transfer to a university but in the meantime has submerged herself in a program with an instructor who gives her the freedom to pursue her dream with just the right amount of support. “I am extremely fortunate to be employed within the department under my FANTASTIC instructor, Charles Raimondi, and am looking forward to the upcoming semesters,” she said. “Charles is extremely passionate about his work. The classroom atmosphere is best described as student-oriented. And Charles makes it a point to integrate women into STEM fields, as it is in high demand.”

But for Jaime, electronics is not a career goal. She plans to be a Public Relations professional, but learning the ins and outs of computers just made sense to her.  “I wanted to learn about computers considering how vital they are and likely will be later in my career.”

Susanna loves the challenge. “The best part of classes is always learning new stuff. It really never gets boringAnd it doesn't hurt that since the electronics field is one of the fastest growing industries, you're almost guaranteed a decent job as soon as you graduate!”

Enjoying the field and good job prospects makes the circuit complete.